SS Matrix Cricket Batting Gloves

welcome to Whack sports reviews in this
video we’re looking at the SS matrix batting glove one of their medium-price
point gloves for the latest range so let’s talk about this to start off with
it’s very similar to the SS high-tech batting glove with a few changes here
and there the aesthetic on this is green black and white on the other you get a
blue white and black lay out there setting or the other one a little bit
better than this the other difference where it lies is
that on the other glove the high tech you get a full shock to lay out in the
middle and full blocks on the sides on this one near the fingertips you get
shock dotes on every finger and a block on top of every finger which diagonal
slits so that gives you a little bit more extension there you get plastic
inserts at the front to finger fingertips on the dominant hand
everything else gets a fiber reinforcement at the top at the side it
curves a little bit so that you can grab the bat a little bit better with a three
piece side bar foam on the dominant and the non-dominant hands at the pound
there’s a sheepskin leather at the pump which is a little bit stiffer compared
to the SS high-tech glove so that’s one thing I would keep in mind between those
two you get leather reinforcement at the edge of the pump but some padding here
so that the gloves don’t drip from here and you get some more protection against
blisters here and flow gussets at the thumb with some more mesh cushioning
underneath so that it bleeds a little bit better a green and black SS
embossing velcro tied with a dual sided towel this is a pretty good glove for a
medium-price point glove and there is a comparison between this and the SS high
tech glove so you can choose whichever one you like so if you’re looking to get
this you can walk into one of our stores or get it online

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