Stacking Bowling Balls Challenge | That’s Amazing

no so my timer begins in 3 2 1 go my first
obstacle is to stack 12 cups okay I’m also starting here with the cup stacking
round gotta go fast first five are looking really good it’s
very stable right now it’s not gonna be a good day guys I’ve
only won one challenge by myself on the whole channel against my younger brother
I’m telling you about losing this one all right what not shoot getting shaky I think I’ve one left I’m really small
so I feel like lean forward oh man come on please stay for five four three two
one there you go now moving on to number two
it should be very difficult we are asking the water bottles so shaky please
please one two oh boy I’m gonna lose to my younger brother
again for new record it’s leaning over I’m done No Mathi all right to left what is this like the
eighth time this has happened look at this it’s shaking is this detected by the cameras this
shaking or am I the only one seeing this I can get the floor just fine where’s a
level anyone have a level one – there’s a huge gust of wind right with that I
don’t know how to do this yeah right when I get to a weapon
this thing shoots a huge gust of wind are you kidding me prey with the winds
getting called this thing turns on I’ve gotta wait for the air conditioning
system to turn off huh thank you okay one more one two three four five
yes one two three four five there you go
there we go on to the next challenge that was a very long time I’ve got to
speed this one up really fast ten minutes that was too long moving on to
the small items so there are 20 dice here you can either decide to do them
like with your hands or with the cuff I’ll start with the cup in the last few
there’s the hand I might be able to do this faster yeah all this other straightening up
here darn it darn it that was close no way am
I gonna get this first try 1 2 3 4 and 5 I did it for alright here we go that was
pretty quick for number 5 stacking stuff is not my thing unless it’s water
bottles wait these are water bottles yeah it’s actually getting windy right
isn’t doing I got whooped the last time we did golf balls on our Channel I mean
you get timing out in like ten seconds so I really got to start fast too
already pop perfect this is feel going great going
great here you go last one one two three four five I said
five we are moving up this is so hard oh this is my last one one two three
four five that’s only nineteen what you tricked me one two three four five all right we got
20 one two three four five that was epic
guys got it okay I’m already moving on to the last
one but this is probably the hardest might be the difference between winning
and losing so I’ve got a stack six bullying bolts on top of each other and
if it drops we might break a bone so quite dangerous as well I don’t know
how to do this very well okay I’ve got two already one two three four five
there we go we are going on to the final station Lane oh so slippery
there’s three let’s go guys I’ve got four oh why do I
say that what do I say stuff like that always messes up oh no I just remember
this looks really heavy so I should have done this on the bottom but we’ll go
here I guess number four guys this is coming down to the wire
I’ve got to win my second ever challenge to my younger brother okay there’s four guys while I’m doing
this pull over and subscribe thumbs up on the video man this is scary it almost done for a second now they’re
slipping oh man they’re sliding like crazy
No No please don’t falling from me go forth we kept for up at least for the pink
ball let’s get it let’s get it let’s get it this is it guys five one more one more my time is done I
don’t know what ball to use five bowling balls six are you kidding no I’d be at
six no please do it please one two three four six bowling
balls there you go I got 24 minutes 34 seconds still I think I did a good job I
can’t believe I actually stacked all these items it’s harder than it looks alright guys I was just notified math
you beat me with a time of 24 minutes 34 milliseconds

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