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Yes, Dad, yes. You’re coming this month? Dad, you really don’t need to
worry about money. Leave that to me. Alright then. Oh God! You guys asked the cook
to make mash again! You know mash gives me warts. And tomorrow I need to get my photo taken
for the matrimony websites. Look at this. One wart. Two warts.
Three warts. ‘n’ warts. My face is so full of warts,
I have more wart than face. Boys…gifts! Hey! What’s all this now? I got my bonus, guys. Bonus! Let me go first, man. I have work to do. Open up, dude! Hard work, boys. There’s just one thing missing. Now you feel like a million bucks, don’t you? They always do this, man. This one’s for me too? Vicky, have you started dabbling in gambling again? Oh hello! My bro doesn’t get into all that crap. I think it’s dowry. It’s my bonus. Success. This is just the beginning, boys. Brother… How did you get here? Maybe you should learn to answer your phone. And if we don’t get the money by 1 in the afternoon, my brother-in-law himself will turn up. To get the money out of you. Alright?
Got it? I get it! I get it! 2 lakhs? I need 3 lakhs more. I was working out! I have to look slim today. Ha! You’re just jealous. Look at this. Another gambler got caught. Such a nasty activity! God knows why they do it. What’s so nasty about it? I mean…some people might be compelled to do it. Gambling isn’t a sin, after all. Why are you defending it so much? Do you gamble too? What? Me? Gamble? I was just saying. About other people. And what’s wrong with your voice? It’s the pickle, man.
You’ve made it so well! I mean, you should totally be a chef, dude! Why aren’t you going to the office? Don’t you have to go today? My Dad is coming today, remember? For Barbie’s admission. So I’m making some spicy potatoes for him. Your Dad is coming? Today? Yeah, today. And if we don’t get the money by 1 in the afternoon,
my brother-in-law himself will turn up. INC One sec. Click me. Don’t act like a INC in the morning. Hello? Behave yourself. We’re super rich people now. We have a lot of money now.
So behave. Tell him, Vicky. I’m going to need
some of that money back, guys. Money? I knew it! I knew this motherfucker
is betting on matches again! You’ll never improve! Oh man! You fucking gambler! No wonder these shoes have been biting me. Hey!
Bloody gambler! That’s why they hit Aunty. They’re covered in sin, after all. Remember he was watching that film the other day? Jannat? Look at him. He’s styled his hair like Emraan Hashmi…
Relax, man! It’s nothing like that. Relax? How much money do you need? 10,000? 20,000? 30,000?
3 lakhs! Put it on speaker. Bro?
Put it on speaker! Hello? Bro! I called to remind you. Brother Pyaare wants Rs. 5 lakhs
in cash by 1 pm. Or else…
You must have read the paper today. Okay, bye. Brother Pyaare INC Bye, brother. God has given us everything, man. Such a luxurious flat! Such a great car.
Such great friends. Oh man! I hate you for this, man.
I hate you! Look, bro, I don’t know how, but nothing should go down
in front of my father. But something will go down, dude. Look around. All the banks are shut. Where will we get the money from?
And that monster will be here soon! Oh God! Even Dad isn’t
answering the phone now. Someone please give me some cash! Hello? Bro, you have cash? Grow some on trees, man! Please bro, give us some, just for today. Vicky, don’t you have any cash at all? I have around Rs. 20,000. How much do you have, Harpal? I just had the Rs. 2 lakhs
I’d saved for my father’s car. And I deposited it in the bank anyway. And you know all the banks are shut. Here. This is Rs. 80,000. I’d been keeping it for Barbie’s admission. But it doesn’t matter. First things first.
We’ll take it as it comes. I’ll return this. It’s a quarter to one. When is Uncle coming? Dad? Around 3:30 pm. Da…Da…Dad?
Dad? Hello, Uncle. Dad, how are you so early… Spicy potatoes! My son is as talented as most daughters! Live long and be happy. Hello, Uncle. Should I switch on the AC, Dad? Yeah, why not? I’ll just get some water first.
Yeah, we’ll get some water. He’s gone to get some water. So, Uncle… how are you? How was your journey, Uncle? How’s your…how’s your job there? Back in the village? You’re the head of the village, right?
Yes, I am. I am the head. So…how’s your justice-mongering going? I like this job.
I’d like to become a judge someday. So. Pretty big mansion we have here. Do you see? See those lights? Hello! Yeah, hello. Actually, it’s a no-smoking zone in here, but… Brother Pyaare, what I was saying was… Today the banks are shut, so…
Oh, the banks are shut? Now what? Dad? So, you… …can you take the money tomorrow? Absolutely, it’s not a problem at all. Thank you, brother.
Thank you so much. You’re my little bro, man. No big deal. Alright, bye. What happened? It’s all sorted, man. Nothing to worry about.
I’ve spoken to him. Who the hell… Just a sec. Virat? What did I tell you? What are you doing on the pitch? Hey!
Just a sec, Uncle. You need to get out, man. Hold this. Who the hell are you? Who the hell are you, man? I’m the one who can knock off
the stumps without a ball. Vicky! Come out here! Brother! Actually, today… Apologies won’t cut it.
Where were you for the last five days? Gaggu’s Dad is here. So what should I do? Uncle, this guy’s my childhood friend. Pyaare. I’m your brother-in-law, mate. We’re not friends! He got offended because I didn’t take his calls. He’s ending a childhood friendship over that. Hang on, wait up. Just wait a minute. He doesn’t look like your childhood friend to me. Tell me this. Were you already five years old
when you were born? Hey, you!
No, please. Hey! Uncle… I’m telling you. Uh…tell him, Gaggu. Uh…tell him, Harpal. Actually…Uncle… The thing is, Pyaare was quite weak
at academics when he was a kid. And by the time Vicky reached fifth standard, it was Pyaare’s fifth year there. So that’s how they became childhood friends. But tell me this. Who are these randos? Them…Uncle… let me tell you. Tell him, Gaggu. You tell him.
Dear God! Dear God! Oh dear God! God? Oh dear God! Yes, Uncle. Dear God! Dear and God. These guys used to work
with my Dad at the restaurant. When I was a kid,
I had no friends at school. So? These guys accepted me, and we’ve been
together since. We’re childhood friends too. But tell me this. Why are they all here? What, Sir? I mean, why are those guys with him? Oh, come on, Uncle! I…I mean… …let me explain. 1. Vicky and Pyaare are childhood friends. Yeah. 2. Dear, God, and I are childhood friends. Yeah. And 3. Vicky and I are childhood friends! So?
Put 1, 2, and 3 together. We’re all childhood friends. We’re all friends here, all of us. We’re all childhood friends! Enough! Friends it seems! Do you have to have your
entire conversation standing here? Go, Gaggu. Serve food for everybody. Today we’re all going to sit and eat together. Hello? In my house, nobody’s going to
make a sound while we’re eating. Put that down! My Dad says the same thing. Nobody should utter a word. Hum Paanch! Uncle, I’m done. Vicky… Can you show me the kitchen? I’m done too. Brother… Sorry we had to do a bit of an act…
Is it out? Yeah, it’s out. So…we’ll get you the money anyhow. But it’ll be a bit of… A bit of what? A bit of what,
my childhood best friend? Should we play a Test Match? How long have you been hanging up on me? Bro, bro, bro. We’re very sorry. Gaggu’s Dad turned up,
that’s why we couldn’t pay you. Why didn’t you think about that
before gambling, Daler Mehndi? Bro! Please stop, bro. You keep quiet! Not a single sound! You talk. Sir, we have Rs. 1 lakh. I’ve been calling you for a week. I want it now. Now means right now. Bro, bro. We had the money, bro. Where did it run off to? It didn’t. Gaggu’s father
had water in his lungs. So we had to get him
operated upon. So sorry, bro. No, bro, please, no.
Please stop. Bro, bro, we got him new lungs, bro. You take me for a fool? He’s just testing out his new lungs, I swear. Please bro, please, please. Don’t tell my Dad anything,
he won’t be able to take it. Please don’t tell my father anything. Please don’t tell my father anything. When will you pay me? Tomorrow. Tomorrow, for sure. Tomorrow, bro. Tomorrow means… …tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Got it? Tomorrow, yes. Quiet. You ain’t lying. Come, let me say goodbye to Uncle. Yeah? Let’s go. Yo! Is he your father-in-law? No, right? So get up! Alright, Uncle. We’re leaving now. I’ll be back tomorrow. I’ll drop by to see you again. Goodbye. And… go easy on the hookah. Don’t damage your new lungs. Come on guys, let’s go. Hey wait up! I must say, you turned out
to be a half-baked gambler. You’re leaving without your money. Brother Pyaare! Dad…Dad, how did you find out? I will settle these accounts with you. Come. So, Brother Pyaare. Are you ready? Let’s begin, Uncle. Son of a gambler! He’s gambli… Dad, you’re playing cards? Son… You just watch your Dad! Come on, Uncle. Enjoy the show! One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. I’m going to take your TV today, Uncle. See your cards We haven’t even finished paying for that. God please save us. Move Show. Nine. Ten. Eleven. We lost, man. King. King. And this one… the third King. You know what’s so great
about a lucky break? What? You only get one. Show. Queen. King. Ace. INC Look. Queen. A second Queen. Do I need to show you the third card? Here. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! No, no, no. Let’s see how the next one goes. This time there’s a condition. Double or nothing. Agreed. That’s enough, Dad. No, no, no. You keep playing. You’re on a lucky streak, Uncle.
Keep playing. Uncle’s on a roll, man. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Hang on. Bet first. Place your bet first. Move That’s all? Dad… Show. 2 lakhs. That money… He had the money! I didn’t remember I had it! There’s no need for that. It’s double now. This is expensive. Come on, Uncle. Show. Show. No! We’ll do it together. Alright. Agreed. Seven. Ace. Shit! Yes! Ei…eight. A second Ace. Nine. Nine. Nine? Nine Mm…my money… My money! My money! Fuck yourselves! My money’s gone. Uncle, these coins amount to… four lakhs. Four from the Dad. Five from the sons. That’s a total of… 10 lakhs. T…ten? Ten! That’s final! Alright? See you tomorrow at 1, Uncle. Hey, you! Wait up! Dad will pay him, don’t worry. Dad… Give the kids a little time, man.
Give them a week, at least. Why are you panicking, son?
I’ve asked him for a week’s time, he’ll grant it. Yes, Dad. Whatever you say. Look, Uncle. We have a business to run. We take our trade seriously. So, tomorrow… …means… Ouch! No, no, no! …tomorrow! Alright? I shouldn’t have to come here. We’ll give it. Let’s go, boys. We’ll give it. Just chill, chill!
Just chill! Dad, what have you done? What’s the big deal? Why are you losing your shit? You win some, you lose some. You need to have a sporting spirit. So. I’ll take my leave too. My train is due soon. Yeah? And listen! Get your sister Barbie’s admission sorted. Don’t forget! Because in today’s times, it’s very important to get women educated. Understood? Remember that. And stop with the gambling! I’m leaving. I’ll get it, Dad. Drop me till the gate. Yes, Dad. What a motherfucker! You’re the motherfucker!
You had the money, asshole! The world is full of motherfuckers, man.

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