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Not being there how big a hit, of this, stephen a smith i cannot wait. Monster what i’m about to say because i’ll be fascinated by it who carries question i would like to believe. Hit golf ball take will be minimal, here but i’m the first to tell. You to remind you i, have loved the sport, of golf and watching it since. I was a kid nicholas, whittel twice, peter tan tiger woods and i know this. Is way before your time, watson johnny, miller cade of stars big breasts the. Biggest dog who is jack that’s how i grew up dada before tigers as. Much as i will miss his, enormous present fishers majors if he does not. Come back watch like every, minute of the, masters pain in the us open. In the british open with or without because that’s what i do that’s who i. Was before and who i will be dumbfoundead 6, o’clock eSPN cat died is. Gone back surgery not not even major horse racing tips for today uk back, surgery i think we are classified. As medium it’s not the worst is not unos the british open golf is. Dead are we know tiger, bring, up the, fact right now in the wake. Of tiger woods the man hasn’t won, a major championship in almost six years. Think about that i really, haven’t even two major, championship for the last six. Years to everybody else the stunning, facts tell me is that during tigers growl. Tiger no next tiger i was thinking maybe rory was that guy in the. Last year rory had fired and he fell back until right on his face. Last year he’s still on, his face as we, speak i’m not convinced he’s going. To be a big threat so i look back who said i cant see. Them anymore here’s my last point stephen a, loaded onto the scene and trust. Me i loved as much as anybody else did in 1997 think about remember. The masters in 97 sports training courses crazy, me, at, the time open the floodgates for young african american is. Everywhere there so much money being, poured into the first tee program all across. This country african american opportunity to compete in play and grow in the game. Of golf guess how many are, on tour as, we speak how many african american. Golfers how about zero how about, zero are you kidding there’s that to joseph bramlett. 2011 anthony played on the web last year, i, don’t even know what time. What is not on the pGA tour, hits tiger woods and fire alone you. Know what’s good the african american community, doesn’t care, do you know why we. Don’t care the agenda will we get to choose, participate or not today and literally. Be in walls to prevent iPod touch when that veil is lyft to literally. Part 2 if we so choose what to do otherwise if we so choose. We really care about americans are varsity jackets not, on the tour little concerned just like participation. In the sport of major league concern ourselves, with having the right choose whether. It’s something that we want, he do, that’s, what i want you to be careful about i. Just keep might be mindful of that because everybody in because you define polarizing. Either for him it’s almost like an itch brings in dOS interested in the squad. Or not because they what the, rory mac, pretty much have to love golf. You don’t have to love to be addressed, in the title you just need. To love or hate it.

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