Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Ewok Escape | Disney

The choices we make, the actions we take, moments both big and small, shape us into forces of destiny. [music] [Ewokese language] Look, I appreciate your help,
but I need to find my friends. [Ewokese language] [Ewokese language]
[growl] Wait, come back here. [music] -Hey, you’re in violation of code 3.
-What are you looking at? Stormtroopers! [Ewokese language] [gasp] [grunt] We have to help your friends. Huh? [Ewokese language] What are you doing? [music] [grunt] [gasp] [grunt] Can you believe it? These things are everywhere.
Primitives. I’m surprised the Empire
didn’t deal with them when we arrived. [Ewokese language] Is that a weapon? [grunt] [music] [Ewokese language] [music] Hey, what? [Ewokese language] Woah! [grunt] [Ewokese language] [Ewokese language] Hmmm.
Smart little guy. [grunting] [Ewokese language] [grunt] Hey! [Ewokese language] Blast him! [music] [gunfire] [music] [Ewokese language] [gunfire] Woah! [grunt] Hey!
[grunt] Oh. [grunting] [sigh]
Nice work. [Ewokese language] [laughs] [music] [Ewokese language] Is that for me? [Ewokese language] [music] Ohhh! Thank you. It’s a beautiful dress. [Ewokese language] [laughs] Does it come with a spear? [Ewokese language] I think it’s perfect. [Ewokese language]

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