Hey everybody its Blue Duckie and today in
this doll review I have the Princess Leia and wicket the Ewok 2 pack from
Star Wars forces of destiny Ewok Endor Adventures rather she comes
with a change of outfit and some accessories used to look at the back of
the box here’s an up close look at Leia starting
with our face very natural not a lot of makeup I would say red lips and then her
dark brown hair has the braid across the top and then the rest is pulled back
into this bun she’s wearing this green camouflage sort of parka top with the
hood supposed to like keep off the rain a little bit help blend in with the
surroundings different shades of green some a little bit of brown in there and
then she has this black belt as a pouch there and then it holds her blaster and
her blaster is removable from the belt and she can hold it in her hand she’s
wearing a pair of blue pants with the gold stripe down the side and then
finally she has black boots on Leia also has her helmet which surprisingly
fits on her head quite well even with that hairstyle and you can clasp it
underneath her chin here’s a look at wicket
he is a flocked toy so he’s very soft and feels furry to the touch his cape is
made out of plastic and then the bow and arrow and staff not staff little spear
accessory are made for him to hold what you can see he can do his little fingers
go around the handle there it looks pretty cute I think they did a cute job
on his face and here is Leia in the second dress outfit with those sandals
which this outfit is a little bit of the lesser of the two in quality and
overall for me the the details on the front of the top of the dress are sort
of like a sticker almost the kind of thing that usually peels off dresses
like toy and doll dresses fairly quickly when you’re playing with them and when a
doll gets a lot of use I imagine that part is going to peel off and the part
of the dress that is brown the fabric very cheap and thin the edges are just
cut it’s supposed to look more I think more primitive like I think maybe the
Ewoks made this dress for her I’m not exactly sure on that but yeah I just
don’t see this dress holding up very well with being played with a lot and it
was pretty difficult in changing her getting her hands in those sleeves it’s
tight around her grip the shape of her hands getting into the sleeves took a
little work and then for these shoes they’re just these really basic sandals
made out of rope you don’t have a slit in the back so again a tight fit around
the ankle I mean the heel of her foot to get these shoes on so definitely the
first outfit and this set is the better one for Leia for me so this is actually
the set this Leia added the forces of Destiny dolls they have a lot of them
seem more like action figure doll hybrids and they have a lot of molded
clothes but this Leia is straight-up a doll she doesn’t have any molded
clothing on she has really good articulation all the normal joint
points for a doll the the shoulders elbows wrists hips and knees I like her
green outfit a lot I like wicket he looks really cute I think they did a
pretty good job the second outfit this dress I don’t like so much but overall
my rating for this doll from one to ten ten being the best of the best I give
this in 9/10 I think they did a good job with Leia I like her hairstyle I like
the accessories minus this one dress and wickets adorable so thank you guys so
much for watching this review and I’ll see you next time bye


  1. Whoa, this is amazing!  Been awhile since I saw a doll I really wanted.  I hope she's going to be widely available, it'll be great for little girls & boys to have a more "doll" like Leia to play with if they don't like the action figures.  And Wicket!!!  He looks perfect.

  2. Leia's costumes seem primitive. Her face is okay but her body is not durable. Her sandals are too big. We all know what happens to flocked animals. If I bought this set, I would have to remove the ewok's plastic head covering so the flocking would be more durable. I say about 4 out of 10 for me.

  3. Great review, as always! But as for the doll, I think the face resembles Robert Downey Jr. more than Carrie Fisher.

  4. I definitely like her the best out of the three! Love the first outfit, and the second one, though simple, is a pretty accurate representation of what you see in the movie.

  5. I saw her today at Target. In person it's a great doll. I think her face is very well done. It looks like Leia. Great outfit and accessories. I even liked Wicket too

  6. This is definitely the best one I have seen in this range, I hope they do better quality dolls for the other characters. Plus Wicket is super cute!

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