Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Traps and Tribulations | Disney

– Forces of Destiny.[calm music]– Without the help
of the Ewoks, the ground battle
might not have gone so well. [speaking excitedly in Ewokese] What’s wrong? What do you mean,
you need to reset your traps? – Hmm.
– Why? – [speaking excitedly][lightly suspenseful music][both speaking Ewokese] – Who’s coming?
More Imperials? [rustling,
thudding footsteps] [thudding footsteps
approaching] [creatures crying out][dramatic musical flourish][creature roars] – Guess that’s what
the traps were for. – Run!
– [roars] [clank] [roars]
[whack][exciting music]♪ ♪[calling out
in Ewokese] – Luke, if we can get
that trap working, it’ll take care of him!
– Go help them. I’ll be your distraction. [crack][epic music]♪ ♪[speaking Ewokese] [grunts]♪ ♪– Don’t you ever
sharpen these things? – [muttering]♪ ♪[crack] – Uh-oh!
– Oh! – Leia, catch! – Even better than a spear.[intense music][splash]
[creature groans] [both cheering] [creature moans] [both cheering] – Thanks. – Anytime. Uh…can I have that
back now? – [giggles][epic musical flourish]

100 thoughts on “Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Traps and Tribulations | Disney

  1. Oh this is the giant monster from the "Caravan of Courage" movie. I love how they pull from the old canon

  2. Luke: Uh can I have that back now
    Leia: No I think I'll keep it. After all you lost dad's old one
    Luke: and my hand, or did you forget dad cut my hand off as well

  3. As much as I love Mark Hamill, I don’t think he’s fit for the voice of young Luke anymore. I personally think Matthew Mercer would be a better casting choice for young Luke.

  4. wait a tick? Goraxes? weren't those the creatures first mentioned in the Ewoks movie and animated series?

  5. What, Luke, didn’t give up and go off to sulk about how the Jedi must end? Geez, Disney, be consistent.

  6. this Gorax is kind a neat but pls pause at 0:42 and looks at that body expression. It´s almost like it says "BOOOO look at me Im a terrifying Gorax be afraid" XD XD XD are the creators seriously believing that is gonna frighten us or something.

  7. George lucas never gave chance to women even to touch lightsaber in original trilogy,cox he dislike that,he is the original star wars creators,disney jealous n try to convert it but disney will not successful cox the original starwars fan still prefer george lucas 6 episodes…not disney 😀

  8. I've heard a lot of complaints about Galaxy of Heroes' version of Leia. I think this is expanding on her, done right.

  9. The Gorax's first appearance was in the 1984 movie "Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure". The events of that movie were supposed to have taken place several years before "Return of the Jedi". We should all thank George Lucas and the people who made the Star Wars movie franchise work; this is a truly special franchise that has lasted for decades and could last for decades more if done right.

  10. I wish this episode came out earlier. It would've been nice to hear Leia voiced by Carrie Fisher before her death.

  11. I haven't seen a gorax since the "Ewok Adventures." Much nicer to Luke and Leia on that kind of moment

  12. Best part:
    Luke: Leia,catch!
    Leia: Even better than a spear.
    (Cuts rope, trap knocks monster into Endor mud)

  13. Luke and Leia are actually secondary protagonists while Ezra and Sabine are true main characters in star wars with Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Yoda and Jyn 😉

  14. Yeah it's the fight between the giant monster the rebels helped fight against with the ewoks that was originally going to be in the return of the Jedi movie

  15. FINALLY. My Luke is back, after all these years. It's awesome to hear Mark Hamill voicing his character. 🙂 Feels good, man.

  16. Ok I don’t like old Mark Hamill voice on young Luke Skywalker

    It just makes him sound like joker too much and this is the Star Wars universe not DC Comics

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