Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Episode IX Leia Organa Love!

The force is definitely strong with
this one I’m quite nervous to be doing this video that’s because I’m relatively
new to Star Wars I kind of fell in love with Star Wars about three months ago
and I’ve really thought about very little else it’s very bizarre I haven’t
fallen this hard and with such force for a fandom or a franchise since Doctor Who in 2005 so for me to be kind of enveloped in this so suddenly is it’s a
very magical experience and I’m very excited there’s a lot for me to explore
and Rise of Skywalker it came at the perfect time for me so I may be looking
forward to discussing it and hopefully having some chats in the comments but
also I feel like my views may be completely different to basically every
other Star Wars fan having said that that may not be the
case we may agree on a lot of things this will 100% contain spoilers because
there are certain things that I do wish to discuss certain things that made me
very happy so if you haven’t seen the film yet please go and watch it I I mean
I thoroughly recommend it but if you’re a star Wars fan you’re going to see it
anyway so Rey Finn and Poe Dameron are back and I love their dynamic
unfortunately though Palpatine is also back and he is now ordered Kylo Ren to
go and kill Rey so we’ll see I know a lot of people have
got strong opinions about the return of Palpatine and how really they shouldn’t
have done that personally I I don’t really have any
strong opinions about the character I don’t mind the fact that he was brought
back even if it was in a kind of peculiar way personally I thought that
was fine and I think the execution of the narrative worked very well I think
they handled that character really well I was more emotionally involved in Kylo
Ren and you could see how conflicted he was I mean you could see in the previous
film in the last Jedi that he you know there was a lot going on in his head and
rightly so but here it’s very evident and I kind of felt like for the most
part he was acting out of force no not the force but just because he felt like
it was the only choice he had rather than because it’s what he genuinely
believed in and and I think the character development there was great I
will say and as I said spoilers I think his somewhat romantic encounter with Rey
was really forced it was really unnecessary if you like the writers sat
down and kind of went oh we need to have some kind of love romance something
really positive in this film so let’s do it there and honestly I
think it would have been better left unsaid I think that would have been
nicer but apart from that I think that development worked really well for me I
really think JJ Abrams did a fantastic job with this visually absolutely
gorgeous such a beautiful film and I feel like that’s the same and about the
films that came before this obviously it’s the 21st century they’re gonna look
a little bit more snazzy than say a new hope but visually
it was a great journey. The music as well was just stunning
I loved c-3po as ever one thing in this that I did not predict was the return of
han Solo and that moment took my breath away and I thought it was beautiful and
I did say this would contain spoilers there were a few characters that were
brought back that I just thought yes they told not really perfectly and it’s
a really good way to kind of round off this saga obi-wan what where how I think
obi-wan kind of should have should have been there somehow but other than that I
wasn’t left feeling like they’d missed anybody else out or that they hadn’t you
know kind of plugged a gap and the execution was just everything I could
have asked for the big thing for me with this is that they have to handle their
correctly Leia is basically the reason I fell in love with Star Wars I took one
look at Carrie Fisher in a new hope and went just good god I love you you’re
beautiful you’re perfect and ever since then I’ve been exceptionally emotionally
invested in this character’s journey and we kind of knew that this was going to
be the end for general Organa how we’re going to do it I I think they did it
very well I mean my only complaint with this film is that there was not enough Leia in it, but that is 100% completely acceptable and I think what they did
with the footage the archived footage that they had was great I did read one
or two reviews that said it kind of felt forced and it didn’t when especially
when she was speaking with Ray didn’t feel right like they were just kind of
wedging her in there but actually I personally think if he doesn’t know it
wasn’t actually Carrie Fisher standing there you you wouldn’t be able to tell
I’m really pleased with what they did and how how it worked out and I thought
and I hope that she is happy with it and I can’t imagine a more powerful send-off
for that character everything about this film was amazing most of the film for me
personally as a new fan was perfect obviously I’ve had three months of this
massive roller coaster ride of emotions and to be taken from falling in love
with it to seeing is essentially the end of it in three months is I still haven’t
kind of come down from this high yet and I probably won’t for a long time because
it’s incredible but for me it was it ticked all of the boxes I loved it
obviously recommend it rise of Skywalker the force is definitely strong with this

9 thoughts on “Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Episode IX Leia Organa Love!

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  2. Trust me! I don't like most of the franchise. New hope, Phantom menace and Rise of skywalker are just really cheesy in my opinion (Palpatine was the only good part of Episode IX). Empire strikes back (stay with on this) is OK. But the one's i truly loved was Revenge of the Sith and The Last Jedi. They were really fun movies. So my opinions on this franchise are mixed. 8/10 for the entire franchise (the extra 2 points come from Last Jedi)

    Anyways, Great video as always. This is while i was editing the Pretty Woman segment in my new YTP ''The Villain Song Ballet'' and i saw this video in my notiflications and i thought ''Maybe edit that video later''

  3. Don’t worry I’m a recent convert to Star Wars because of this recent trilogy, TRoS was a solid finished but I miss the daring of TLJ

  4. Don’t worry I’m a recent convert to Star Wars because of this recent trilogy, TRoS was a solid finish but I miss the daring of TLJ either I’m delighted you’re a recent convert too

  5. I totally relate with you Amy as Carrie Fisher/Leia Organa was the reason why I fell in love with Star Wars too.

    Leia was originally supposed to be at the forefront of The Rise Of Skywalker, the same way Han was in The Force Awakens and Luke was in The Last Jedi. Although I was satisfied with what we ultimately got in the end, it did feel like a much watered down version of what may of been originally planned for the character. That scene on the wreckage of the death star between Ben and the vision of Han Solo for example, I couldn’t help but think that maybe that was originally meant for Leia.

    Of course, had Carrie Fisher not unfortunately passed away, we would’ve seen alot more of her, but I think JJ Abrams made the best of a bad situation. It’s just a shame because Carrie really deserved this movie to shine, as I feel like she was incredibly underused throughout the sequel trilogy in comparison to Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. She deserved a better send off, BUT it is what is and you can’t really complain.

    Chris Terrio, one of TROS writers confirmed that there were MORE Leia scenes that didn’t make the cut, scenes that featured interactions with Rose Tico. They were cut because apparently they didn’t quite turn out the way they wanted. Maybe we’ll get them on the DVD? But still, atleast we got to see her on the big screen one last time.

  6. Differently go watch the original 3 if you haven’t because to me there the best Star Wars movie. It’s a better movie then the Last Jedi. I wasn’t a fan of the ending of how Rey just killed the emperor with ease and she not a Jedi but a guardian of the Jedi because of her light saber colour

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