Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | Featurette

[BEEPING] – Take a few minutes
for the navi computer to calculate the coordinates. – A few minutes? Are you kidding? At the rate, they’re gaining. – Yeah– oh, what is it? – [CHUCKLES] – Traveling through hyperspace– – Do you have to shoot this? Traveling through
hyperspace is like dusting– ain’t like dusting crops, kid. Without precise calculations,
we fly too close to a store– they’re– bounce into a
supermarket, and then– – [CHUCKLES] Yeah. – –be a hell of a mess. – What’s that? – Watch this. We’re losing the
reflector shields. Go strap yourselves in. Be careful on the way out. – Yeah, sure. I’m taking it very cautiously. – OK, cut. – You, go away with that. – Bounce too near a supermarket? [CHUCKLING] [SERENE PIANO MUSIC] – This is a very
simple, basic idea. – It’s a story about a
farm boy in Nebraska, and not on Tatooine. – It was originally designed
to be a modern fairy tale. – About good and evil,
and what prevails, and what doesn’t prevail. – It’s unlimited,
the possibilities of what they can do. – If this one doesn’t work
out, we’re sort of finished. But hopefully, it will
justify it as a series. Make you say, gee,
what happens next? – The whole experience has been
so completely unanticipated. – I had my doubts about whether
another “Star Wars” would work. But I now get that phrase,
thank you for my childhood, because it’s something that
people carry with them now forever and ever and ever. – As I see it, this
has nothing to do with past, present, or future. “Star Wars” could be
in any of those areas. – It’s a big part of
what makes these films so important to pass on from
generation to generation. – I feel honored that
I’ve been allowed to continue the journey. – It’s very cool to meet
someone inspirational to a generation of moviegoers. – Those that have gone before
you, incredible artists in their own right. You delve deeper in your
appreciation and respect for that. – Oh my gosh. It feels like I was
just in a time machine, and I had traveled
back to when they first had filmed “Star Wars.” – Roll cameras! – If you’re a kid watching
this 100 years from now, 500 years from now– – [INAUDIBLE]! – –you see this inevitability. The story conclude
in a way that feels thrilling, and
shocking, and funny, and emotional, and satisfying. – I like these films. – I think there’s a
legacy that’s important. [ROUSING MUSIC] – Ready, set, and camera. – Take nine. – Episode 9 will be a
conclusion of a story that is over 40 years in the making. – Action! – So all stops are
out, and it’s all go. [MUSIC – “STAR WARS THEME”]

100 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | Featurette

  1. So disney is so desperate that the only thing they can do to promote their film is to reminde us how great was original trilogy that they didn't make? Pathetic.

  2. Disney, you ruined Star Wars for good. Your version of films will never be true canon. Just glorified fanmade films with forced agendas and shortcuts. Star Wars is the first 6 films and the EU books – that's it.

  3. Why is never Ian in these? It's like the main villain doesn't exist… I get that you tossed Jar-Jar, but give Ian the cred he deserves! And where is James Earl Jones? They never show him either.

  4. Where are the prequels? Disney if you’re trying to market this as the end of the Skywalker Saga, then show the prequels

  5. New star wars has nothing to do with the actual star wars movies. Its disgusting you would try to use the goodwill from the OT and try to attatch it to whatever these new movies are. There is no connection other than branding

  6. What a lame attempt at using nostalgia to create interest in this terdfest that Kathleen Kennedy has made out of star wars.😕

  7. Does 2:43 confirm Wicket is returning because Warwick Davis looks older in that shot because he was just a kid when they filmed the original trilogy.

  8. It's only natural for us to choose our childhood movies and mine is the prequels feel sorry for those who are the sequels but i also like the originals too though

  9. It's so funny to see how Sir Alec is keeping Obiwan without a smile. I'm wondering if he was that serious, or if he felt "What Am I doing here?…"? Maybe both.

  10. What have I learned from watching Disney's Star Wars Trilogy?
    I've learned that JJ Abrams is no George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy is WAY out of her league.
    With the exception of The Madalorian and Rogue One, Disney's Star Wars stories have been forgettable garbage.

  11. Say what you want about disney Star Wars. But can we all agree that this was a good tribute to the characters we’ve grown to know and love over the past 40 years?

  12. It is a shame Rian Johnson didn't direct episode 9. Still I am sure JJ will be great. Can't wait for Rians trilogy. He is a genius.

  13. My brother who introduced me to Star Wars at age 8 with a VHS of a new hope and empire in 98'. He also took me to see episode III in the theater and has since passed… Watching the force awakens on premier day I bawled upon hearing the score hit during the tittle scroll because it hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized at the moment who turned me on to SW and I realised that the last time I had heard that John Williams master piece was with my brother was with him in the theaters. I literally started crying and with a packed room and no friends to explain it to I received many looks but none with a puzzled look as if everyone could think of a plausible reason for one to have that strong of a connection with star wars.

  14. I don't know where else to say this, but to the directors, cast, and crew, please be encouraged. 🙂 There are a large number of people that appreciate the fact that we get to watch new Star Wars movies! I for one, enjoy the movies, because I expect them to be….movies, not life-changing events. Keep letting the art come from the heart and vision of the director and actors, and don't let the overwhelming hatefulness of the so called "fans" deter you. They don't owe you anything, and you don't owe them anything. In this age of being an activist about everything, just take a deep breath and remember you all are in the entertainment industry, and you went into this because you loved it. If you produce good art, it will succeed no matter how much it doesn't fit everyone's expectations. If any of you are feeling overwhelmed or discouraged by the fanbase, there are literally thousands of us that would love an opportunity to encourage you. I look forward to seeing what you have created.

    I, for one, am saddened by the vitriolic behavior of so many "fans," and just wanted to offer you something as a member of the silent group of happy Star Wars fans, who recognize this is a fictional universe, and the decision made in the movie don't alter my world beyond the three hours I spend watching it.

  15. When I think of Star Wars , I think of the prequels, The Clone Wars , Rebels, and the Comics , the Original Trilogy , and the video games .

  16. Almost teared up a bit… Took me close to 23 years to finally fall into Star Wars well and truly… To get into it with less than a year before it ends was unlucky to say the least but It was a journey I'm glad to have taken…..

    I played the games on the Nintendo 64, watched the movies and all over the years but the spark started with Rogue One in cinemas with my girlfriend at the time and years later I truly found a love of star wars….. I've only just finally watched solo and with each moment I feel the looming end….. STAR WARS will live on through the community it has created…. May the force be with us all…

  17. Star Wars has been and always will be a part of my life as well as my children's life. it introduced me to sci-fi and has opened the door for so many others to create their own worlds far,far away. The love and the feels are definitely there. May the force be with us all.

  18. Film advertising banks entirely on the incredible chemistry of the OT cast.

    Sequels destroy the legacy & include flimsy cardboard cutout characters with no chemistry.

  19. WOW. Is that a current Warwick Davis suiting up as Wicket at 2:43 mark??? Ewoks (maybe flashback) in TROS??? Hmmmmm………

  20. This movie is a shitshow!




  21. I don't want to the funny. Stop trying to make something that is about the fate of the Galaxy funny. In life there are funny moments but the gravity of the situation is ever present in our own mind. "They fly now". Isn't a sentence

  22. Alec Guinness looks like he wants to die in the first clip 😂 little did he know obi wan kenobi was going to become a household name lol

  23. Set your faces to disappointed and prepare to have all the past films mean absolutely nothing in the final of the sjw saga. Surely the skywalker name won't be stolen by the untrained Mary sue after she defeats the emperor alone? But get your wallets ready anyway and join the sjw force…

  24. Without precise calculations you could fly too close to a store… The force tells me this is deliberate and there is a good reason its the first thing in the feature… Im guessing they jump the falcon through hyperspace withought plotting a course, its something we haven't seen the Falcon do yet.

  25. 1:12 they airbrushed out Harrison’s cigarette…I’m as vehement an anti smoker as they come, but that’s some revisionist history b.s right there, and for what?

  26. Saw this at the movies before Ford v Ferrari I thought we were getting a Star Wars documentary was a little disappointed it was just a trailer for the new movie

  27. FACT: Disney has completely ruined our beloved franchise! Crappisode 9 will go down in history, as the worst Star Wars film EVER!!!!!

  28. For anyone reading this. Do not see this movie opening weekend. If you’re one of those people that has to see every Star Wars movie, just watch it on the second weekend. We want this movie to fail so they can do better.

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