13 thoughts on “State of the Cartoonion: Trump on the Stump

  1. Clinton is barred from running for office by law.  Find a new horse to ride.  She has proven she is unqualified countless times anyway.  Also, she is out of money, in case you haven't noticed your checks bouncing.

  2. My God CNN ! What is wrong with you over there? Who the hell is your target audience ? This is just so dare I say "redisabled "!!

  3. This was pretty stupid but I'm sure the CNN views loved it. TRUMP 2016  I'm sure there is one of killary on here much better.

  4. CNN and The Media Grumps – Are being Thumpty-Thumped by the Mighty Trump.
    All they can do is Dumpty-Dump, against America and the Mighty Trump.
    Being the Whores they are, they Humpty-Hump, with the Federal Reserve – they Pumpty-Pump.

    The last laugh will be with the Trumpty-Trump- To Make America Great Again, Plumpty-Plump.

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