Steep – How an Open World Changes Action Sports

NARRATOR: “Steep” was a surprise
announcement at this year’s Ubisoft E3 press conference. And it’s all about getting
players to the top of the Alps and letting them ride
down any way they want. We were immediately in
awe of the big open world mountain you’re unleashed on,
but the cool smaller details are what got us super amped to
play more of this action sports game. Our first task was to walk to
the edge of a metal platform atop a mountainside, where
we seamlessly switched from a snowboard to a
wing suit and took off. Soaring down the
mountainside with the wind whipping against
our suit felt great, and we were instinctually
rolling diving and climbing in sync with
the topography of the course. We couldn’t resist trying
to skim close to the ground, but if we found
ourselves too close a flick of the right stick
quickly maneuvered us away from danger. Once we completed
the wingsuit course, we were shown how at any point
you can open up the mountain view to get a bird’s
eye perspective of the massive mountain range. We could then pick from a
bunch of drop zones peppered all over the place,
each offering unique features and events. Some look like awesome
places to ride. So we picked the gnarliest
looking one, switched to skis, and ascended. Skiing and riding felt
natural and playful. And again, using the
right analog stick made us dig our edges in
and scrub speed quickly if we needed to. We clicked in the left stick
and smeared around a ride switch all cool-like. We couldn’t help but notice
all the little details that Ubisoft dynasty captured,
like the little dangling ripcord of our avalanche
airbag backpack, the way the GoPro
perspective sounds exactly like GoPro footage
right down of the camera clacking around
in the waterproof housing, and the sound the
poles make as you go for a grab and clink them
against your skis. That all worked
together to transport us back to our favorite
days on the mountain. But unlike real
life, “Steep” let us actually stop crazy airs
and look good doing it. And the way the music
faded out during jumps, letting you hear nothing
but the air rushing by, is a very cool touch. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC FADES OUT] [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC FADES OUT] [MUSIC PLAYING] Finally we tried
paragliding, which felt serene after all the
speed and air from before. You use the wind that whips up
against the faces of the cliffs to get lift, and you just soar. Once we were up there gliding
around, we saw a really nice looking shoot we
would have never been able to get to otherwise. So we switched to
snowboarding and dropped it. And that was just what we
were able to play at E3. We can’t wait to
challenge our friends, take awesome shots of our
runs using the replay mode, and explore the
enormous mountain more. For more on “Steep” and
other upcoming Ubisoft games, keep it at Ubiblog. [MUSIC ENDS] [WIND BLOWING]

72 thoughts on “Steep – How an Open World Changes Action Sports

  1. so is the game going to look like this ubisoft? or are you guys going to change it like every game you guys make

  2. Wow, great. I can't wait for a sponsored Ubisoft game, where a GoPro macks around a container, instead of a first person veiw

  3. I'm beyond excited. As a dedicated SSX fan, this game looked like a beautiful change of pace.(not dissing ssx though.)

  4. I want to bet 500,000$ on Ubisoft that every game they show us on e3 aren't going to be the same and if it is then I'll give them 500,000$

  5. Wow this looks awesome. Very impressed with the change in direction from Ubisoft. I wonder how it's going to turn out on retail release.

  6. Hello my name is Derek and my gamer tag is TKDderekE and I was playing your game the crew and i spent 100 Ubisoft points on the car with a title of "dodge this" and my points went away but I never got the car! It is still telling me to buy it even tho I had to play Farcry 4 a few months to get 100! PLEASE FIX THIS!

  7. I like the new ideas that ubisoft show in this video, but I hate to say with every new idea there is a toggle button missing. I hate the clunky sound of the camera, If they really wanted to implement that they should also give a camera fov and vignette, this should be optional to toggle in options..

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