Steep Official Tricks Tutorial

In STEEP, the Tricks system lets you express your creativity in the air or recreate your favorite real tricks ! So let’s go deep into the system and discover all the tips to become a pro freestyler ! Hold the RIGHT TRIGGER to prepare your jump Timing is key in the process, you must start jumping before the top of the bump, indicated by the blue line here Release RIGHT TRIGGER to jump Now let’s see how to perform some simple rotations As soon as you release the RIGHT TRIGGER, push the LEFT STICK to the LEFT or RIGHT Once in the air, release the LEFT STICK early enough to secure your landing This time, as soon as you jump, push the LEFT STICK UP or DOWN In the same way, push the RIGHT STICK UP or DOWN after your jump to pull off flips Find your best off-axis spin by mixing rotations and using diagonals. Rodeos and Corks are yours to master Remember, timing is key, jump before the top of the bump and define a rotation right after releasing the jump input In STEEP, you can also improve your style and score by adding grabs to your tricks Once in the air, hold any of the TRIGGERS to grab There are many grabs to perform. Use the RIGHT STICK just before starting the grab to define the hand position on the board Use the LEFT TRIGGER for Left hand grabs While grabbing add the second hand to modify your Grab into a Double grab And finally you can tweak your grab to add more style to your tricks
Once you grab, tweak it by pushing the RIGHT STICK in another direction It’s now time for you to express yourself !
Find your line, the perfect opportunities and share your best moments !

96 thoughts on “Steep Official Tricks Tutorial

  1. trick system is quite un-intuitive, the game seems to randomly decide the quality of your jump and whether or not it will let you rotate on that basis. i can see it would be good when you master and i managed some good tricks, but i felt it was more luck than anything i'd done.

  2. I like the game sofar BUT the controls somehow don't feel right to me (playing with Xbox controller on PC) when it comes to doing tricks – oh boy the timing on the whole thing is really kinda off. Very counterintuitive. Not sure what's fault about the trick control system that so many of us beta players noticed (as I have read about quite alot in the last three days trying to learn about how to do it right). One moment you jump at the right time and pull off some spins but 5 seconds later even you have the exact same timing on the jump – it doesn't work. No trick. Just a lame jump. I'm pretty sure many of you out there know exactly what I mean by that. At some point I was honestly thinking the game has some kind of a timing bug or something. Just doesn't feel right.

  3. really good game i think they should get rid of the g effect when going too fast/jumping too much, maybe thats just because i love SSX lol

  4. you guys really need to improve the g system in this game. also how you land a trick. there's been moments where i pull off a simple backflip, not off axis, from a decently small jump, and he lands like he just jumped off a mountain. there's no rails (as i've been told) you guys need to pay attention to the freestyle aspect of this game because most of the people that i know that are going to get this game are snowboarders that do nothing but hit up the local park and pay more attention to the rails and ledges. ubisoft please for the love of god this is one game that even in beta was a 20/10. you'll put it over the top by just adding one mechanic…GRINDING

  5. This should be included in the game, plus the idea of g-force which means how much your legs handling the force, and can be reduced by slowing down or land it straight in the first place, just like irl. I see too many people complain on the forums about the control and g-force, where it works fine to me.

  6. this is the best game ever made, you need to add snowmobiles. i think that would make the game even better

  7. Ugh I know it's realistic but I hate taking damage (or g-force whatever) as it just make the game less fun.

  8. people don't like the trick system because it's like real life. But i love the reality they put in to the tricks but just make more tricks please.

  9. Put an option to switch the controls of tamedogs/wildcats with front flips/backflips(barrel roll) on a snowboard. It would be a such a simple option to implement and it would make snowboarding much more enjoyable.

  10. How the hell do you do a Lincoln!? Seriously give us info on how to do these tricks Ubisoft. Great game, y’all suck at giving us useful / needed info

  11. i think that the right stick grab usage is a bit weird, couse when i jump off and immediatly want to do for example nose grab, i accidentaly do nose grab tame dog wich i didnt wanted, i think that good idea is, that when you press A (on xbox gamepad) you switch from flip mode to grab mode, so tamedog will be like: RT RS up, and nose grab will be RT A RS up
    but idk how it will be possible to do tamedog nose grab in this case

  12. i bought the game for me and my wife … not so bad but feel a bit boring after a while . animation arnt really sync … the tricks system is Ok but we get more fun Start SSX3 on gameCUb > you shoud really add more interaction between players … more Flashy Colors and "unreal"Tricks with big jump /smoke colors on a fun Mode … let the players interact with snowball battle etc Where is the fun… the playground is nice but feel boring after 1 hours .. also the system to join in a party feel not complete we had to insist to party together its not always working fine and we are on the same room .. too bad game as potentianl > ok the DLC olympics game why not … but who give a shit ?:) players want Fun 🙂

  13. hi from switzerland much love for the game but add more tricks like mctwist etc. and rail engine changes are not too good btw. greets!

  14. I get first place in almost every online competition I join in on so don't start with that "your just shit at the game" nonsense. The trick system could definitely be better. A lot of the time certain ramps / objects will cancel out your trick for no reason. Also the landings glitch out at times. Also in online comps there is player collision which is fucking stupid because everyone usually has to go in the same spot for good jumps.

  15. Get rid of the g effect its shit and boring also I'm pretty sure someone can control them selves from falling endlessly

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