23 thoughts on “Steep: Season 10 – Breakpoint Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. Season 9 was okay. I was hoping there was a silver skin to the set and I didn't like that the skis were locked only to the world tour.

  2. Stop making content for garbage games like this and instead focus your money on your flagship franchises that helped get the Ubisoft name out there… cough Splinter Cell

  3. Played the original beta. Was notified that supposedly the controls were fixed a couple weeks after launch. Recently might have had a chance to finally try it again, but it wouldn't let me complete or skip the tutorial because I was on vacation with no internet. No thank you.

  4. WOULD BE MUCH MORE COOLER IF there was a game-/race-mode with guns on ski. be creative and stop just thinking about stupid skins to support your other games 😉

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