100 thoughts on “Steep: Uplay Giveaway Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. Can someone tell if this version of Steep includes all the DLCs which were mentioned in the video?

  2. I never seen a AAA game company as generous as you ubisoft, u got my respect and my thanks as long as you not go woke

  3. fade away by extreme music is the song. I see a lot of u asking.

    Advice: use the Shazam app(lite will do). Just open YouTube n shazam with the multi-app feature on ur iOS n Android n identify the song

  4. Thanks, I love these giveaways like the assassins creed one, gives me cool stuff to play without paying 60 bucks lol

  5. what about adding more sport like DH bikes or bike trial, added with changing seasons (summer and winter)

  6. I got this game a while ago but none of my friends did, hopefully I can actually play with some of them now!

  7. I got it free on PS4. Prior to playing I didn't think much of it, but after playing and I do mean playing like for at least two days around 5 hours. Sadly no I haven't gotten back to it but it's a lot of fun


  9. It's beyond my mind how Ubisoft changed from one of the greediest, shitty companies to one of the most generous and trusted companies out there. Idk if this is good change in Ubi or the awful state of gaming industry, but you have my respect, Ubi.

  10. I have just claimed my copy on Uplay definitely looking forward to playing it soon. Thank you very much Ubisoft for this giveaway.

  11. Nice. When i got STEEP and played around with it, i was fascinated and asked my friends if they wanted to get it too. They said "we'll wait till it's cheaper.". Can't go much cheaper than free, right?

  12. If they are giving away a 40$ game with almost no micro transactions for free. Then that must mean that steep 2 is coming and that this is a marketing method. Mark my words, steep 2 will be shown on e3 this year.

  13. Yeeaaah ubisoft!

    Had a ruff go there but now your one of the better game developers.

    All these game updates and stuff. Thanks!

  14. I don’t know why the road to the olympics dlc is not shown on this video, it is FANTATISC !!! Buy it !!!

  15. why is it asking me for an actiation key after i open it through the web link and the ubisoft laucher?

  16. thanks ubi for the giveaway, i'm still hoping for a new steep game but with bicycles this time, mtb, enduro, downhill bikes, big open world with awesome trails,, would be cool

  17. hey im trying to get the game but every time i click to get it it opens up the actvation key thing and i cant find a code anyone know what i can do?

  18. it says i need a activation code to get it even though i already have uplay pc ??? im so confused someoneee help

  19. definitely buying the DLCs now. I played it for like hours and having a blast playing the game, meeting new players and eventually become buddies

  20. Fantastic promo video – excellent soundtrack….great job by the marketing team matching up that footage with the song. That's how you sell a game.

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