Steep Xtreme Pack DLC: Official Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

This is it. The start of your journey. Our journey, here in Alaska. We call ourselves Icarus. We are merging state-of–the-art
technology with extreme sports and pushing them to
the edge and beyond. We want to make the
impossible possible. But don’t mistake
ambition for recklessness. We plan every stop with military
precision, leaving nothing– and I mean nothing– to chance. Let me introduce
you to the guys. This is Alex, our resident
base jumping expert. He’s as extreme as it
gets, but I trust him with my life every
time we go out. Yee-haw! This is Johnny,
the sultan of speed riding. It’s the perfect blend of
skiing and paragliding. Steep slopes and the
big jumps will never be a problem again, because
you’ll just hit the sky and fly. But you wanna know what I
think is the future? This right here. The rocket wing. The next step in the
evolution of aerial sports. We three have got
something big coming up. A stunt that’s going
to change the game. We’re planning a four person
synchronized rocket wing flight across mountainous terrain. But to pull it off,
we need your help. So, what do you say? Are you in?

68 thoughts on “Steep Xtreme Pack DLC: Official Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. me gusta mucho ese juego siempre apoya mucho a ustedes me gustaría que ustedes pasen por mi canal por favor y muchas gracias

  2. Should have added actual boxes and rails to grind for snowboarding and skiing, you guys have failed with this game

  3. Looking to do formation rocket wing flying with 3 other people. You must be a super legend at max level 30 (or show proof of skill) and have a mic. PSN: Roguexworm

  4. Amazing work Steep team! I can't wait to play it on my PC when I get home, but if I may ask, what's up with the Nintendo Switch version? I really want it but we haven't heard much about it since the presentation.

  5. After having been disappointed with Winterfest I am astonished, Winterfests ugly terrain ruined the map imo, should've been an option to turn it off. Cant wait to play.

  6. This is actually a very good game. It was just the poor marketing that made so that it didn't really take off.. Too bad, really.

  7. I can't justify buying this game for $60. I guess I've just grown past games like Steep, I haven't played anything like it since Pure on the 360. I would say Forza, along with the Horizon series is something different. But the small amount of time I played this? I have to pass until I see a steep sale.

  8. we need better camera angle better first person camera angle and third we need more handrails and parks in the grinding needs to be fluent and tricks need to be consistent with points

  9. They need to add Ganghar Puensum along with The Trango Towers from Pakistan. Like it would simulate it with snow

  10. Love your new dlc. Got the season pass during the steam sales and Steep is the best winter game I've ever play. Unluckily lot of my friends can't start the game no more becouse of a crash at 2/3 of the loading screen. Dear Ubisoft…when are you gonna release a fix update for all those people who spent 60 or plus dollars euros or pounds?

  11. Welcome to the era of "DLC" . It means that when you buy a game, you THINK you're buying that game. But actually, you're buying 30% of the game, then everytime developers decide to release a % of the content, you keep paying.

    Game Industry, I hate you

  12. I got the Gold Edition 3 days after I was supposed to get it, and was bored in a week. I was also ripped-off because I put the redeem code for the Season Pass before ANY of the DLC and ended up with none. Ended up selling it. 3.5/10

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