Stefania & Gabriele: It All Started in the Pool | A Game for Two

I’m Stefania Pirozzi,
Olympic swimmer, European Champion
in the 4×200. When I was two,
I almost drowned because my rubber ring
tipped over, so for a while I preferred
not to swim and dedicated myself
to dance, then my dad dragged me
into this sport and I liked it
right from the start. I’m Gabriele Detti,
Italian swimmer, Olympic bronze
at the Rio 2016 Olympics. The first time I went into
the water I was 8 months old, they threw me in, I went down, there was a second
of general fright, then I came up laughing and I’ve continued ever since. Swimming is joy,
passion and values. Swimming is definitely
lots of fun, lots of passion, unfortunately there’s also
a part of effort and it can be a pain. It’s been
a very good year for me, with the Olympics
and the European Championship. I’ve won
a few important medals, at the top of the list
the last two I got in Rio, the bronze medals. Gabriele proved to be
a great champion after the bronze medals in Rio. The only advice I can give him
is to speed up his flip turn because his entry and exit
are perfect, but speeding it up
would help him in the 400 metres
freestyle event. I’ve been told that
even in the 400 in Rio I got all my turns wrong, but you’ll understand it
was my first Olympic final and I was a bit scared. Particularly
in the 400 metres medley, which is her speciality, she could improve
her breaststroke, she’s aware of it, athletes know
how much they can improve. C’est la vie! We met in 2013, when I moved here
to the Federal Centre in Ostia. At first I didn’t like him too
much, I found him very smug. We met in the water,
we were training partners. When you swim up and down
a pool for 4 or 5,000 metres, if you don’t talk
it never passes. He was very supportive
when I had a bad period with my ex-boyfriend. The first time I saw her
with different eyes… Looking at her you see
she’s got a lovely smile. She’s a cheerful girl,
who laughs a lot, her smile catches you
straight away. We started seeing more
of each other and got together after a year. The first kiss was here. She came closer first,
obviously we both wanted it, she got closer than I did,
but I was there too. When I’m a bit tense,
I ask to get away, have 5 minutes to boil down, but he’s stubborn and wants to
stay beside me, provoking me. I hope to get her to talk,
to explain why she’s nervous. I think he does it
because he finds it amusing. But I get
the opposite reaction. She gets more nervous
and ends up either bursting out or telling me
what the problem is. It’s almost
always hard to help her. Gabriele neglects
himself at times, he goes around in vest
and shorts. I’m a bit neater. Before the Olympics
Gabriele said, “I’ll get a medal
and buy a house,” but he got himself a watch. After three years
at the Federal Centre, I’ve decided to make a change and go to Livorno
to swim with another group that is much closer
to my race characteristics. If she says she’ll do something
she’ll do it whatever happens, she’ll go against me,
you, everyone, but if she’s convinced it’s
the right thing, she’ll do it. She’ll take her own path
and won’t listen to anyone. I’ve been lucky
to train with people like Gabriele and Gregorio, but one turns the page, turns the corner
and goes to live another life. Egoistically speaking, it was
nice to have her here every day but from a professional
point of view I understand that if you don’t feel good
in a job, then you can’t stay. Gabriele’s very easy with this, he knows the choice I’ve made
is good for me as an athlete. He’s a bit upset because we
won’t see as much of each other but being together
every weekend every occasion becomes much
more important and special. Since you got here yesterday, have you noticed
how tidy my room is compared to when you were here? Thank God! You’re so untidy. It looks like a bomb
has exploded in that room. No! It’s been five years,
it’s lived-in… Well, a small bomb. What about our future together?
What shall we do after? After what? We’ve got Tokyo
to think about now. Then we’ll do
something together. A little house… ..a bunch of kids. – Just two.
– Just two? All right. One’s too little
and two are a lot. Let’s have one and a half,
then. – Two. A boy and a girl.
– If you know, why do you ask? Who do you think would win
if we challenged each other? – Me.
– What? Who wins what? (A GAME FOR TWO –

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  1. Hi olympic i want to know if you are going to upload the official film of the 1952,1960,1980,1984,1988 olympic summer games thanks

  2. okay so i just stalked his instgram, because duhh, and it turns out: they're not together anymore…he's dating another girl now:/

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