100 thoughts on “Stephen Visits The NY Mets With Ideas For Modernizing Baseball

  1. Ha! Stephen called it "Rounders". He's the ONLY American I've ever seen call it that. I thought that was only us UK/Irish people who called it that

  2. He forgot to introduce a salary cap while doing this. Something baseball desperately needs.

  3. Hypothetically, if MLB went with that idea of naked baseball, wouldn't all the players need to wear cups, not just the batter? You never know when a baseball is going to hit the ground and pop up to hit a more sensitive type of ball.

  4. Wait, he tries to make baseball more sexy with those trading cards, but the cards use the Papyrus font. Stephen, you're sending mixed messages there buddy.

  5. i got some ideas. how bout a shot clock. taking too long is a ball.
    what if you get rid of the home run fence. only the foul line is out of play, so you have to really clobber the ball to get a homer and it's theoretically always possible to run it down and chuck it home. in san francisco, outfielders can jump in the water to fetch it.
    you can't bring on a new pitcher mid-inning, but you can switch to other players on the field. you could have the first baseman pitch if you need a lefty. and if you throw a bean ball, or intentionally walk a batter, the pitcher has to sit out the rest of the inning.
    batters can only hit once per inning and any runners still on base at the end of the lineup have to try to steal their way home.
    no warm-up pitches after the game starts.
    the ceremonial first pitch counts.

  6. I like the idea of trying to make the game better, but you can't talk to a last place team about that. Just sayin'.

  7. I think Stephen is so much funnier making jokes that aren’t meant to criticize people, like these! I bet he really enjoyed himself in this, except for that last fall…


    Between the anything goes weekly HBO game, and the nude inning, I will gladly go from baseball hater to its #1 fan. DO IT!

  9. Much as I love him, I have never laughed this hard with Stephen before. Maybe it helps that I really do not love baseball. * trust fall *

  10. every time someone talks about Baseball there needs to be an introduction video about it so the rest of the world can understand wtf is going on

  11. This was everything lmfao. I think they should take all of Stephens ideas and use them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. From India we love you Stephen but I didn't understand a thing about baseball can you do a segment about improving cricket

  13. Well SHIT, If they just made baseball this funny, I'd tune in every Tuesday morning, or whenever it is they play.

  14. anybody follows baseball must either be brain dead or ready to be buried. its the most boring aside from golf that is the reason americans are dumb.

  15. This did actually make me a little more interested in baseball (the players, at least), and it made me smile so much my face hurts. The one "reading" the book was pretty good at taking direction, and the guy who ended up holding a kitten seemed like he was having the time of his life. I need more segments like this in my life right now.

  16. Having Stephen around to help, seems a very traumatic experience to those he's trying to help. Now I understand better why Trump is so pissed.

  17. That HBO idea is pretty kickass.. I'd watch that and I know 7* things about baseball.

    *including how to spell it.

  18. I remember when they introduced one-day cricket (before then, international matches usually went for five days). People complained that it was turning into baseball.

  19. Figure out how long between pitches to get a game that lasts an hour; any slower and the batter takes a base. I'd watch that; two plus hours? No thanks.

  20. Holy crap Jerry Blevins is TALL !!! and how adorable is it that Todd Frazier can hardly keep a straight face with Stephen!

  21. They need to find the old Mad magazine article 'basebrawl'. It had some good new rules. My favorite was that the batter keeps the bat while running the bases – why throw away your best weapon?

  22. I don’t know who Todd Frazier is, but I just fell in love with his laugh. I could listen to him laugh allll day 😍

  23. 5 teams in one conference play 180 matches in one season.. thats all you gotta know to see how weird this sport is..

  24. Brilliant! Stephen please do more of these "out-on-the-field" segments, like this one and the one with RBG!

  25. i doubt Jon Batiste reads the youtube comments, but dude if you do, run Searchin Roy Ayers in one of the shows. Jon is dope af

  26. I can't believe I waited so long to watch this. Hilarious, Stephen should do more bits like this and away missions

  27. So does this mean Steven is a Mets Fan. Now I know why he’s may favorite late night host. ❀️ from a PA Angels fan!

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