Steuerungshilfe zur C-Tragegurt-Steuerung des Gleitschirms (Tutorial)

OK… Yes, today once more a small groundhandling session. Conditions are not even … so easy today. A bit of a gusty wind. At the moment, however, it is working. In this respect, I would like to take the opportunity to present my latest … …achievement.
In fact: We know… … in accelerated flight conditions,… steering with the normal brakes is… not recommended. Means we need the C riser control. And that in turn means that all the time you have… to hold onto the C risers and adjust them accordingly diagonally to the back for steering reasons. And that’s a bit annoying in the long run. And that’s why some manufacturers have attached additional C-riser controls on their wings. However, this is not the case on every produced wing. And I found a very simple way to realize something similar by yourself. And I just want to share this with you. Well, that’s the C riser that would normally hang in this position. And … I hope you can see that properly. The brakes are still attached here. I’m going to do detach these now, just so you can see better. And then I have here parallel to the quick links of the lines, at the riser, I´ve attached another loop – a cord. And I fastened the cord with a figure of eight knot at the top. You can see that here. And below with a two half hitches knot. That has the advantage, that the knot is not so tight down there. That means you can move the loop a bit. And so far … then when it’s not needed, pull it down a bit, then it hangs aerodynamically in the wind.
But: I put a piece of hose over it, so I used 3mm cord and a four millimeters of hose so that you can … easily slide the hose over the cord. The ends then a little bit secured that they don’t fray, and put them also into the small hose end, so they don’t bother or somewhere form a figure… where a line can entangle. It’s very important anyway that you fix everything in a way so that no lines can be caught. If you now imagine that here is a line leash – after a collapse, contacting this area, then it always will slip passing the gumming. So that it actually isn´t possible, that a collapse is forming a loop somehow which can entangle anywhere. Everything just slips by.
Some use such pipes or sticks, that are looped in here. Also a good idea but maybe a little bit more problematic in the case of collapses. In this respect a very simple, inexpensive solution to install it like this. Yes, I want to do some groundhandling right away. Now the wind is refreshing a little more. But that means you can control well with the C risers, so that you can see it in action. Let’s see how it is. Yes, ok … So the wind has dropped a bit. so we now … can try to show the control aids in action. Just watch how it is working. Right now … Yes, so … now you can … see the control aids. The two here. A loop a little higher, or better a little bigger. The other a little bit smaller. Yes and here you can … see the control handles from a different perspective. Now with the wind conditions, of course, everything can be easily regulated with the brakes. But: in accelerated flight conditions in the air, then of course you need the C-handles. So that the angle of attack is appropriate, it is not recommended to use the brakes. So… this is a nice possiblity to realize a an easy C-riser control. So here are the two Control aids for the C risers. And… let’s take a look at how it looks in flight position. Actually the other way round. And then you would … just reach in here and so you could easily use the risers as a control aid like this. Of course it´s also possible to use the handles with warm gloves. The rubber coating ensures that it slips in easily and of course slips out again. And the loops are big enough to get through easily, even with gloves, Yes, if you have comments on these control aids, looking forward to reading these. I am always interested to learn whether something like that will work, whether something like that is ok. Or even what problems could occur from it. So just let me know in the comments below how you think about it. And of course I’m always happy to get a “thumbs up” and if you like you can subscribe to my channel. So you will get a quick notification about my ideas I`m gonna develop in the future… or from any flight adventures … you will be informed very quickly. Until next time, ciao.

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