Steve Smith breaks down during ball tampering press conference | ABC News

To all of my teammates, to fans of
cricket all over the world, and to all Australians who were disappointed and
angry, I’m sorry. What happened in Cape Town has already been laid out by Cricket Australia. Tonight I want to make clear that as captain of the Australian cricket team I take full responsibility. I made a serious error of judgement and I
now understand the consequences. It was a failure of leadership – of my leadership. I’ll do everything I can to make up for
my mistake and the damage it’s caused. If any good can come of this, if it can be a
lesson to others, then I hope I can be a force for change. I know I’ll regret this for the rest of my life. I’m absolutely gutted. I hope in time I can earn
back respect and forgiveness. I’ve been so privileged and
honoured to represent my country and captain the Australian cricket team. Cricket is the greatest game in the
world. It’s been my life and I hope it can be again. I’m sorry and
I’m absolutely devastated. [JOURNALIST] I’ve got three sons of my own who eat, sleep and breathe cricket, and they absolutely cherish you.
What do you have to say to the kids? I’ll say two things or three things. Firstly that I’m I’m deeply sorry. I love the game of cricket. I love entertaining
young kids. I love kids wanting to play the great game of cricket that I love. The
two other things is any time you think about making a questionable decision,
think about who you’re affecting. You’re affecting your parents, and to see the
way my old man’s been (breaks down crying) … and my mum … it’s … it hurts. and I can’t remember what else, but it’s,
yeah, I just wanna say I’m sorry and for the pain that I’ve I guess brought to
Australia, and the fans and the public, it’s devastating and I’m
truly sorry.

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