Sticky Wicket 2013 highlights

Welcome to sticky Wicket seven. here we are at Regents Park. reduced budgets and local laws the high
with Cricket to the seventh annual sticky wicket competition which
is the Lord’s Taverners charity day to raise money for funds. It started seven years ago strange enough in a pub as all good has them get things done and so far loss
said this big send him so-called 230,000 hold mom done can get a glorious day everyone’s gone
the whole have far too much group but we will people order as much
really just to relax and chill bank with people and events industry loan cricket match the glue the time
loss to the money comes to things like that to the russians which last year reaction presented the
thousands minibus you even if we lose every game is a
beautiful day amor grab understand you come out on top margins
for only just any just said William Gay and and found in foods that from TS by
Brittany just to taunt that in turn leads it seems to me it’s
in and have a good time another day at the office in and many other people you’re going to
love the industry’s get there everybody session rising as any the
events in to see how you’re not actually we has a seriously contested teams and
their we get a raise more money than me that the race for the
most evidence lost in the cold and rain they’ll play sexual 33 403 a or later the launch of the hotel the
tough game I am we have my stupid a one injury
already so what we were a man down which is disappointing but I’m he went on to star Vanessa the good
thing about us playing we brought a game I want to publish press for the sunshine we can spark over sonya England no
defense industries about networking is about coming together and
this is a great example I’m semi-final stage now sticky wicket 7
been fantastic day all the teams have been fully into this
the boss fully packed the team to fully into what they’re doing been actual nice weekend hopefully
around thirty to forty thousand pounds will be racial old-timers later on do a the you returned your title I can say from
the faced up to tonight yet rated the it

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