Storm Pro Motion vs Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball Review – Comparising Video Episode 43

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Today is about a comparison video between the new Storm Pro Motion from the Signature Line and the Storm Crux Prime from the Premier Line from Storm. Let’s get to the Crux Prime first. The Crux Prime is a release from Storm’s Premier Line and a complement to the very successful Physix and Astro Physix Balls. Here are the technical data for the Crux Prime. The Crux Prime has the SPEC Solid Reactive coverstock with a Box Finish of 2000 Grit Abralon. The SPEC Coverstock, which means Storm Performance Enhanced Coverstock, was never used until the Crux Prime and was therefore a premiere. The coverstock is fully compliant with the new USBC rules and promises a much longer durability without sacrificing performance. The core is the Catalyst Core. This core has already been used in Crux, Crux Pearl and Alpha Crux. The RG value at 15lbs is 2.50, the differential is 0.052 and the intermediate differential is 0.017. So this core is an asymmetric core. The ball is available in the weights 12-16lbs. Here are the technical data of the new Pro Motion. The Pro Motion has the same coverstock as the Crux Prime. The SPEC Solid Reactive Coverstock with a Box Finish of 2000Grit Abralon. This Coverstock has only been used in the Crux Prime so far. The brand new Piston Core was used as the core. The RG value at 15lbs is 2.52, the differential is 0.049 and the intermediate differential is 0. So this core is a symmetric core. The Pro Motion was developed by Storm in collaboration with Jason Belmonte. This is the 3rd ball from the collaboration of Jason Belmonte with Storm after the Timeless and the Drive from Storm. The ball is also available in weights 12-16lbs. The balls are played by me EMAX and Storm Staff player Manuel Mrosek. My layout on the Crux Prime is 35x5x45 and on the Pro Motion 40×4 1/2×50. The Shots are played at Dream Bowl Palace, the largest bowling centre in Europe, on the 42-foot long Haus Pattern. You will now see some shots from me, then a comparison of both balls and a conclusion from me. I wish you a lot of fun with the shots and see you soon. Welcome back. I will tell you now my conclusion to these balls, their respective strengths call as well as their weaknesses explain. If you like our video, subscribe to our channel. If you want to see more videos leave a comment there and like the video and if you don’t want to miss a video anymore press the bell, you will be notified when we upload new videos. So here now my conclusion to the two balls. I’ll start with the Crux Prime first. The Crux Prime is for me the classic high performance solid with an asymmetric core. In principle as it is written in the textbook. For me personally, the Crux Prime does not have the tendency to die and always shows a clear reaction. In my opinion similar to the very successful Alpha Crux. The reaction is early, but without changing direction too early. The Crux Prime slows down at the right moment and saves energy for the backend reaction. Players with low Rev Rate will love this ball and will be able to play on conditions of 39-44 feet. Players with more rotation can use this ball on almost any condition, as the Crux Prime with the Catalyst core is very versatile. With all types of players, the shell/core combination helps the ball not to lose too much energy on the way to the pins. With Storm Pro-Motion, the ball basically has the same characteristics as a benchmark ball. The Pro Motion rolls very evenly and has a very good backend response. It is also fascinating to see how many different conditions it shows exactly this reaction. For me the Pro Motion is a mixture of IQ Tour Solid and Phaze 2. Many players wonder if the ball is just a hype or if it is really good. I can only say that this ball is not just hype. It’s really that good. For me the Pro Motion shouldn’t be missing in any bag, no matter what type of player and no matter what game situation, the ball will always show a predictable and adaptable reaction. What Jason Belmonte created here with the Storm Team is, in my opinion, unique today. To compare the two I would say that the Crux Prime is the stronger of the two balls, but has weaknesses when the series progresses and the midlanes are dry and the launch angle has to be opened. But then the Pro Motion comes into play. If you can play both balls on one another or one after the other, this is the optimal step. But on Sport Pattern up to 41 feet I see the Pro Motion as having a clear advantage over the Crux Prime. If the Sport Pattern is over 41 feet the Crux Prime will be the first choice. But then the Pro Motion will come into play later in the series. All in all, both balls are real grenades and can easily be recommended by me. Players looking for a strong asymmetric solid ball that also shows a reaction without rolling too early are very well equipped with the Crux Prime. Players who are looking for a benchmark ball, which wants a controllable reaction on almost every condition, the Pro Motion is the right one. So that was it now from my side. I hope you enjoyed our video. For more videos subscribe to our channel and as always share, liken and tell. Until then goodbye

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