100 thoughts on “Strange Hot Dog

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  2. 哈哈哈还有说拍得假的,也太没有幽默感了我真的服了哈哈哈。
    I'm amused by those who comment "this is so fake".

  3. Video was published on 2018.
    The date/day i came across your video Dec 5 2019.
    Came here, watch every videos and came across people like me commenting on the same time frame like me. °o°
    It is kind of eerie if you ask me tbh.

  4. Baseball gloves – hot dog bun
    Baseball cap – lettuce/salad
    Baseball – onions?
    Baseball bat – hot dog
    Shoelaces yellow and red – ketchup and mustard

  5. the chewing noises really get to me when Im waching this
    its just so DESCOSTANG to hear someone chewing up to the mic like that

  6. Никто:

    Абсолютно никто:

    Ютуб перевод:Сделать бейсбольное оборудование хот-дог

  7. That hot dog looks truly delicious. I know it's fake, but the colours on the carved sausage baseball bat looks very tantalising.

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