Striping at the Baseball Hall of Fame

Doubleday Field long believed to be the
birthplace of baseball. It’s where people come together to play. My name is Quinton Hasek and we are at Doubleday field in the village of Cooperstown. Kind of
tucked in the middle of Central New York. We’re running seven days a week anywhere from mid-April to mid-October. Two years ago we finished our season with 324 played
baseball games. I actually give a lecture to every team that comes on here. I read them a couple rules and the last thing I say to them is my goal is
to have every single one of you walk off this field just as happy and healthy as
you are walking on and I mean that with every bit of my bein. When I’m able to
come out here and I’m able to use a machine that streamlines the work
streamlines the seams and brings it all together in a nice and beautiful way I’m
a very happy individual. You look at the way the field turned out
you look at the way it looks today it’s gorgeous. I have not had a mower that actually left stripes that looked that good. It
just has one gigantic roller and that roller
gives you some superior striping abilities and it’ll take you two minutes
at most to flip that deck up so you have the whole thing greased sharpened and
ready to mow. I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life and I love
it. The renovator groomer you’re grading
you’re rolling you’re breaking up clumps you’re brushing them around and you’re
grooming it all behind that and that is all in one attachment. It has a cutting
bar on the very front of it and when it comes to a high spot it shaves it off.
This machine breaks up the clumps behind it. It follows its own path and it’s
solid and steady without having any blips or errors. One of the big
attachments for us that we love is the rotary broom in the front and that is
probably the one piece that we have used in every aspect that we could possibly
think of. Just eliminating the lips is a huge
load off of my mind I mean enormous. When the broom is
completely reversed we were able to run around the entire arc of the baseball
field and everything is done. Cooperstown loves to keep the old-time
look and one of the old-time looks would be a paver sidewalk.
We have pavers out front of our facility here that people have bought and paid
for to have their names be enshrined at the holy shrine of baseball and of
course after a lots of foot traffic and bad weather they’re gonna get grimy. The
rotary broom is basically a gigantic scrub brush. What used to take a
gentleman about three days to accomplish with a bucket and that brush we were
able to accomplish in an hour and do the whole side of one side of our Main
Street and you run through afterwards and just rinse everything off and you’ve
got a brand new looking sidewalk. You look at how nice this field looks
and all that did was it took one day. I love this place man I do I love this
place. That machine that you see behind me is
going to be part of my crew hopefully until the day I retire and hopefully for
the next gentleman after me.

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