STRONG MAN WORLD RECORDS *Most Baseball Bats Broken In 60 Secs*

what is up everybody welcome back to the
channel it is a Wednesday that means we will be breaking or setting some world
records to old records today that’s right – this is my buddy JD how you
doing I’m excited to be here I’m traveling of course of course JD and
I had met on the set of MTV’s amazingness awesome show
JD has an interesting talent and was one of the craziest people I’ve ever met if
you don’t believe me just watch this that is not displayed then he just tore
with this D so this is gonna be a really good episode of Bulldog Erwin today’s
and you said the first record is going to kind of use this technique absolutely
the first record we’re going to do today is I’m gonna try to beat the world
record for the most stacks of cards ripped in half not in my hands but in my
teeth in one minute do not try this at home I’m gonna get out of your way and
go to a friend’s house here we go are you ready I’m ready oh my gosh with your mouth with my mouth
are you I think so yeah yeah awesome that’s cool oh my gosh
actually that wasn’t even my smoothness I had a little trouble with you yeah but
you had a fumble sweet oh that’s all it’s done I like all four years of being
single thank you guys that was fun
I should’ve brought more cards you pregnant I should get one more –
absolutely but now there you have something to build on hey beat it I
baked in wrong the Second World Record JD is going to
do involves breaking baseball bat as a make sure you watch them till the end
but first we’re going to cut to a little segment called JD breaking things the whole stuff was to have like the
slow-mo camera get all this candy flying everywhere all right but somehow you
flung every piece of candy onto the roof well I think that montage deserves a
thumbs up you guys agree but JD is that we are now
going to be strong men left man and woman people people strong people it is
politically correct Brett impression anyway we’ve got fun
books good one you say I can carry this one book I know you can share that fun
book we got right here I hope you can turn okay no I believe you can for the
kids out there phone books are these things that people use pass to use to
find phone numbers newborn the internet existed first of all we’re gonna take
the phone book and I want you guys it just simply put one hand two hands on
top just like so okay put your thumbs together like that you got it awesome
then I want you just to simply make just scrunch your fingers in just like that
what don’t put your fingers don’t put your fingers together okay leave a
little space and then crunch it together and make it be just like that you got it
yeah and then all I want you to do is take that V when you get to be you’re
gonna see a little pocket of air right there in the phone book you see it yeah
you see it it’ll pop up there a little wine just like that and then you’re
gonna take it and you’re gonna roll your hands apart just like like you’re gonna
roll your palms together just like that and well what’s gonna happen is you’re
gonna have the V you get your fingers together and you just you roll part just
like this okay and do you going okay now make it a little
bit make it appeal just like that just like that awesome good no down kind of peel down yeah you just
want to kind of to peel it and just keep ripping it and he wants to do a little
showmanship is next yeah like that ran you’re strong man keep going buddy
yeah just like that boom leave the team come on you got this never keep that
beat there is number one do this oh yes what can I tell you that’ll make you
angry I don’t put my socks away the way you
like it grab that side and I’ve got this side
and just going to pull it this teamwork makes the dream work
I look at that she did incredible great job that ladies and gentlemen is how you
rip a phone book in half even if you’ve never ever done a strongman stuff before
you can impress all your friends anywhere anytime you doing that’s nice
oh and then after that when you get really good you can take this hop and
you can just go into performance of your student your if you want to fit boom
just like that Wham right there awesome okay so now
it’s time for the second world record and that world record is big breaking
the most bats over my leg in 60 seconds let’s go to the gym right now the record to beat 29 taught
29 baseball bats broken in half in a minute once every two pretty much yeah hey no pressure on you I’m nervous I’m
so nervous I’m usually okay perfect usually someone else yeah usually it’s
someone throwing me the thing and I’m doing the hard you know once I grab them
once you feel that you got all of them just let go of it and yeah we’ll be good that was I didn’t think a headache is
that messed up a couple times yeah you barely barely got it barely whoa so
that’s what you put a towel there I put it out there because yeah I cut your you
can cut your form pretty good so that’s just not because I’m a baby because I’m
smart and I don’t want to get cut if I don’t have to there you have it one of
the craziest world records that ever been accomplished on this channel thank
you so much thanks so much for watching and thank you to whistle sports for
making it happen we’re doing giveaway leave a muscle
emoji comment on JD’s latest Instagram post his handles right here for a chance
to win some juggling balls also we’ve got a bonus video on Cassie’s channel
that was one way to break a bat over your knee but JD showed us some more
ways and I learned how to break a bat so head over to Cassie’s channel to check
that out we do in Sharon’s house every single video here those two people thank
you guys that’s all for now let’s go to the beach

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