Stump Bucket on Tuff Stump

My neighbor had cut down this tree several years ago. Stump is cut short, Not Ideal as i have no leverage push on to remove stump. Will have to do a lot of digging Finding the main anchor root and sever them Okay it’s been 1 min usually i have stumps 12″ or smaller out by now. if you want fast fwd to 6:20 the stump comes out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Test bump on the stump see if I have loosened it. (Nope) Keep digging FYI the Tractor is a 2013 Case IH Farmall 40 hp It is a pleasure to operate has about 2000 lbs lifting Capacity a little movement, Time to go around to the other side another anchor root Neighbor’s tractor was behind me, He didn’t want be to back into it. Victorious at last, This Sump ended up coming out in 3 pieces. Check out the other video I have posted of how stumps usually come out, If the stump is left long. Thanks for watching!

2 thoughts on “Stump Bucket on Tuff Stump

  1. Nice work
    What make us that stump bucket
    What size is that tractor
    I only have 40 HP mahindra , is that enough power for stump bucket
    Thanks for sharing video

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