Stump Grinding Near an Angry Bull

you guys remember my buddy Alfred you
remember the guy who was like half wizard and half mason who built the most
amazing maple evaporator you’d ever see find myself pouring some of my waffles
paint up I’m a maple man now if I go back and I pour a little bit on there’d
be a lot more more generous with the application of my syrup these days
Alfred’s starting a new business venture where he grinds stumps for people he’s
got an excavator and he just got this cool attachment that grinds up the
stumps so Alfred’s asked me to come over to a job that he’s got this afternoon
and help him shoot a commercial so I had nothing to do so I said sure so let’s go
shoot a commercial it’s not too bad come a little closer
maybe see I’m like directly between yeah right there yeah that’s actually not bad
at all hi my name is Alfred Dedam I’m with old goat masonry here in Peacham,
Vermont looking to get into the stump grinding
business this is actually a stumper 280 stump grinder excavator mounted stump
grinder allows for some pretty tidy stump
grinding we’re here impeach them today with this old maple stump I don’t know
how long this trees been cut down but it’s a decent roughly 3 feet in diameter
what I’ll do in this situation is grind this thing down flush with the
surrounding lawn clear the chips away from the stump and then I’ll take
another path to get it down ground down about 6 to 8 inches below grade so that
we can just top dress with with soil and not have any stump whatsoever above
grade so most folks end up with stumps in the yard learn to live with them
learn to walk by them without noticing them it can be a production you know in
traditional methods that to get rid of the stump my attraction to this this
machine this setup right here is how low-impact and how quickly I can I can
remove the stump kind of makes you hope the wire’s live
right all right let’s shoot the conclusion this stump took probably
fifty minutes of grinding in the excavator Spurs I can tell it’s all
below grade right now so the next thing I’ll do is put on the big bucket clean
up the chips make sure that yeah I’ve never seen I’ve never seen a
bowl behave like that it’s rather disconcerting it always feels good to help out your
friends and so Alfred’s just a really good dude and helping to make a
commercial like this yeah that’s the type of stuff I like you you know in
case you guys were wondering all the wood chips that came from that ground-up
stump they ended up going up on our pasture I’ll use them for the fall do
you guys have a stump that needs to be ground or some mason work that needs to
be done be sure to hit up my buddy Alfred
I’m gonna leave a link down below to his website for Old Goat Masonry be sure to
check it out

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