Stump Kitchen: Alexis Hillyard makes Guacamole

– [Voiceover] This is an
AMI This Week Short Cut. – [Voiceover] I’m Wade Brown for Accessible
Media in Edmonton. – [Voiceover] Alexis
Hilliard hosts a YouTube cooking show
called Stump Kitchen. She loves to cook and
doesn’t let the fact that she only has one
hand slow her down. I got the chance to get a
cooking lesson from Alexis. – What are we doing today? – Today (clap) we’re
making guacamole. – Holy guacamole. (slap) Well, how do we get started? – So, do you like guacamole? Have you had it before? – Sometimes. I’ve been known to put it
on a chip or two in my day. – Yeah, so it’s pretty
much a staple of my life and it’s a really
hard recipe to mess up so you just squish
everything into a bowl and you eat it and it’s great. Here are our ingredients. So we have cilantro here. We have some avocados. Tomato, purple onion and a lime. And then a bunch of
spices and stuff. You know what? Let’s just get cooking. – Alright. – Let’s do this. Now Wade, important question. I have a small knife, a
medium knife or a big knife. Which one would you like? – Well I’m a big man so
I’ll use the big knife. Oh, dear. – Sounds great (laughs). Okay, I’m gonna get
you a cutting board and here’s an avocado for
you and an avocado for me. You’ve got your avocado. Stick it on the table and I
like to cut it lengthwise. So from the top of it
to the bottom, mm hmm. And then I just cut
all the way around and then I twist it apart. Now, you’re gonna get real dirty so grab your pit of the avocado. – Pit you say?
– Yep. Just smash it out of there. The half, like a take
a chunk of the avocado and I just squeeze it into
the bowl and if you have a little bit left in
there, like sometimes you have a bit left in the
shell, just use your stump and scrape it out
just like that. (laughter) – But, Lex, what if
I don’t have a stump? – Well then your life
is sad, my friend. The next thing we’re
gonna cut is a tomato. – Now what’s the best
method for cutting a tomato? – Chop the crap out of it. And quite honestly,
this is guacamole. You don’t need to
do anything pretty, this is just gonna
get all mashed up. So you’re gonna chop that up. You’re doing a wonderful job and I’m gonna chop up
this monster onion. This is about a good chunk of
purple onion for two avocados. Yeah, it’s about
two golf ball size. Too much for some, not for me. That tomato’s looking great,
can you chop it even finer? – What? – Chopping really loud
like chefs chefs chefs. We’re chefs chefs. Okay, you’re good, you
can stop, you’re awesome. Great, great, great. Okay now we’re gonna put
our things into the bowl. So you want enough tomato
to just like brighten out that bowl, nice and
green, beautiful, mm. Let’s stick the onion in. So those are our
base ingredients. Now we get to add the flair. Flair number one, cilantro. So I’ve got a bunch of
cilantro, they come in bunches. I’m gonna use half of a
bunch for this recipe. I’m going to cut off the stems
cause they’re a little tough. It’s all nice and chopped,
it’s about a nice palm-full of chopped cilantro so it’s
gonna go right into the bowl. Smells like a
summer’s day in here. Stumps are really really good for juicing limes,
lemons, citrus. So we’re gonna take our knife
and slice the lime in half. Take half of the lime into my
hand, give it a little squeeze into the guacamole just like so, and then stick your stump in
there and juice it (laughs). (laughter) Juice, juice, juice, juice. – Doesn’t that sting? – Actually no it
feels really good. – Oh wow, you have a stump
of steel, young lady. – Now, who needs a spoon
when you have a stump? No one. But seriously, guacamole,
you wanna get right in there and dirty so our hands are
clean so get in here with me and give it a good
little squish, yeah. Just squish it up. What’s really gonna make
your guacamole come to life are your spices like
salt, a little paprika, a little cayenne pepper,
a little regular pepper, a little bit of garlic salt and a little bit
of regular salt. I like all of these things. Great, and guess
what happens now? – We’re going back
in, aren’t we? – We’re going back in. – We’re mixing the guacamole
with our various hands and other upper
appendages, limbs, stumps. – I think we’re done. I think we finished
our guacamole. – Ta-da.
– Ta-da. (laughter) We did it. – [Voiceover] To check out
Stump Kitchen for yourself, visit and search
Stump Kitchen, and remember, there is some adult language
so please use discretion. We’re Accessible Media, in
Edmonton, I’m Wade Brown.

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