Stump Kitchen Outtakes: Hummus!

[Alexis] How are you feeling about swears? [Kristi] F#%king awesome! [jazz music plays] [Alexis] Welcome to Stump Kitchen. [Kristi] My name is uh… [Alexis laughs]
[Kristi] My name is Kristi Hansen and I’m thrilled to be here, I’m a superfan! [Alexis] Take two. Welcome to Stump Kitchen. [Kristi] My name is Kristi Hansennnn! [Alexis laughs] Oh god! Take three. Welcome to Stump Kitchen. [Kristi] My name is Kristi Hansen and I am,
um, a Stump Kitchen superfan, I am a leg amputee, and I’m here to make hummus with my friend
Alexis. [Alexis laughing] I’m so excited! [Kristi] I’m f#%king excited! [Alexis] Me f#%king too! [Alexis] Okay.
[laughs] [Kristi] Cause I’m like really hairy too,
my stump’s– and I was like “should I shave it for people?” and I was like, “no, f#%k
it!” I’m all about normalizing body hair too, so
like this will be good. [Alexis] Are you filming now or are you just?? [Alison off-camera] Always. [Alexis] Oh you ARE filming! Oh!
[both laugh] [Alexis] Here’s some. [Kristi] Here’s some. [Alexis] All the hairs. [Kristi] All the hair. [Alexis] We should have made this a swimsuit
edition. [Kristi] That’s right. The swimsuit edition. [Alexis] Just haired it up. [Kristi] I always think it’s great when I
go swimming without a prosthetic on. [Alexis] Get that shit off! [Kristi] Yeah! It really is like skinny dipping in a way
too. Like, you just feel like actually free! [jazz music plays]

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