Stump Kitchen Outtakes: Pancake Art!

[music] [Ryder] Hi!
[Alexis] Hi! [Ryder] Boing!
[Alexis] Boing! [Ryder] Ryder pants!
[Alexis] Alexis pants! What?
[both laugh] [both singing inaudibly] [Ryder] Hi baby hand. [Alexis high pitched] Nyah nyah nyah. [Ryder] I know that was you cause I saw you move. [Alexis] Oh. What about this? [high pitched] Hi Ryder. [Ryder] I still know that was you! [Alexis high pitched] Hi Ryder. [Ryder] Still you! [Alexis mumbling] Hi Ryder.
[both laugh] [Alexis] Okay you work that really well and
I’ll look at what’s next in our ingredients. [Ryder] I hope I don’t get this in my shirt. [Alexis] Yeah that would be very dirty. [Ryder] Yeah. [Alexis] One tablespoon–
[Ryder] My boss would be angry. [Alexis] Your boss would be angry? Who’s your boss? [Ryder] Oh no not my LEGO dude I just cleaned
him today! [Alexis] Did he get dirty? [Ryder] Yep. [Ryder] Why don’t we give baby hand a little
protection glove? There. There’s a protection glove for baby hand! Hey baby hand, let’s see how soft that is. Oooh fuzzy. [Alexis] Yeah like a little sheep. [Both baa-ing like sheep] [Ryder] Uh, it doesn’t taste very good. Yuck! Too much chocolate on top, I know. [Alexis laughing] Too much chocolate for Ryder. [Ryder] Hi.
[Alexis] Hi. See this is my little thumb. [Ryder] Oh! Is that your pinky? [Alexis] Yep that’s my pinky, this is my pointer
finger, middle finger, ring finger. [Ryder] Don’t stick out the middle finger
ever. [Alexis] K, can you tell if I’m doing that? Don’t worry I’m not doing my middle finger. [Ryder] Okay, thumb, pointer finger, middle finger,
ring finger, pinky. [Alexis] Yeah! I have a little nail too. [Ryder] Oh! Where? [Alexis] Right there. And sometimes I paint it too. [Ryder] Oh, paint it! That’s good! [Alexis] Thanks! We’re ready to hit the town now! [Both] One, two three! [Ryder] Five punches! [Both] One, two, three, four five –
[Ryder] Six! [Alexis] Oh you fooled me with another one! [Ryder laughs] [Alexis] Now Ryder, the stove is on, so don’t
touch it. [Ryder] I know. I know not to touch the stove. I’m a big boy. I’m like almost six. [Alexis] Ryder this was the best. Thank you so much for cooking with me. [Ryder] Ngh. [Alexis] Are you concentrating really hard? Here we go. Mmm yum! This is so good! We are such good chefs! [Ryder] Oh that tastes disgusting! [Alexis] From the mouth of babes. [laughs] [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Ryder] Do you want to go to the park? [Alexis] Yeah let’s go to the park now.

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