Stump Kitchen Outtakes: Peanut Sauce! [Full Swears]

[music] [Susan] Am I supposed to talk too? [Alexis laughs]
Good talking. Can we do that again? [Alexis] So does wholistic mean that you eat
the whole dish? [Susan] Fibre – keep you regular! [Alexis] Learning! [Susan] Remember that time you ate like raw
garlic? [Alexis] I was on a cleanse! [Susan] I know! I thought ‘she is brave’. That stuff is spicy. [Alexis] And you know I was eating raw garlic
cause you could smell it probably. This is why I can’t have friends on the show! [Susan laughs] [Susan] The burning smell has kinda gone away
though! [Alexis] Well that’s good! That’s the thing about cooking, you just kinda
whoopsies! [Susan] The dish we’re gonna make today has
some really awesome healthy fats in it. [Alexis] So fats aren’t bad? [Susan] No! Fats are good! [Alexis] Yes! [Susan] Yeahhh! I mean obviously there’s a moderation thing
here. And check out my instagram it’s “wholehearted
nutrition”. [Alexis laughs] [Alexis] It’s like as thick as ice cream! [Alexis laughs] Don’t touch anything. [Susan] Don’t touch anything! [Alexis] Don’t touch your loved ones. [Susan] Don’t touch your cat! [Alexis] Or any of your bits! I got to go to Susan’s wedding. [Susan] Yeah! [Alexis] It was in Nova Scotia. [Susan] Did you pick up on any of the secret
code words? [Alexis] I’m not allowed to speak them in
Alberta! [Alexis] Yeah! [Susan] Big chunk. And one more, there we go! [both laugh]
[Susan] Like when I first came here I was always asking people if I could get a “drive”
somewhere. [Alexis] Get a drive? What? [Susan] Yeah! [Alexis] You mean like get a ride? [Susan] And they’d be okay with it, then somebody
pointed out “what are you saying? You want a ride?” Yeah! A drive! Brown rice vermicelli! Whenever I find these I buy a bunch because
they’re hard to find. [Alexis] Where’d you find them? [Susan] I don’t remember! [Alexis] This is a great base level of spice. [Susan] Yeah! [Alexis] It’s nice to add in gradually. You can’t take that shit back. [Susan] No. [Alexis] Once it’s in, it’s in. [Susan] I just want to poach an egg in here
– oh no! Vegan you’re vegan! [Alexis] Oh sad times! No eggs! [Susan] Vegan egg, we can poach a vegan egg
– there’s no such thing. Flax seed!
[Alexis] Yeah maybe. [Susan] We can make a paste with flax seed
and poach it. [Alexis laughs] [timer sings a lovely diddy]
[Alexis] The timer’s ready! [Susan sings] Deedle-lee-dee-dee-dee-dee… [Alexis sings] Sounds like christmas up in
here. [Alexis] But before we get to the noodles
– um, so with that– [timer rings again] Fuck. [Susan laughs] Shh! [Alexis] I know what happens when I put gluten
back in my diet. Funny things! We won’t go into the details here. [Susan] What does this look like?
[both laugh] [Susan] I’m a flexitarian. So I was vegetarian for awhile and then I
was really kind of low iron and stuff and I couldn’t get it up, and I think–
[record scratch] [Alexis laughs]
[Susan] You can’t put that one in I’ll be so embarrassed! [Alexis] I couldn’t let that go! [Susan] My parents are going to watch this
– you can’t put that in! I can’t get it up! [Alexis] Oh my gosh you don’t know how funny
you are! I’m gonna lose my shit. What were we even talking about? I don’t even know! Iron! [Susan] Iron! I couldn’t get my iron levels up! And I just always think that the more veggies
the better. I think that’s with any diet. [Alexis] Oh yeah. Just roll in them. Just fuckin’ roll. [Susan] Get your fibre. It helps you poop. [Alexis] Fibre helps you poop! I heard your cat. [Susan] That’s actually my husband! [Alexis] Whoa you’re here? [Susan] Were you just sitting there? [Alexis] Susan’s husband, Fahim, is home! I wish you could see how creepy that was! [Susan] You know what would be great is a
velcro thing on your stump and a velcro thing on the utensils. But I guess you don’t need that cause you’re
good! [Alexis] But I’m open to trying things! If you want to invent one of those, let me
know! Holy crap! Can we just take a moment to appreciate this
– [Susan] I didn’t chop them. [Alexis] Who did? Fahim? [Susan] Fahim did. [Alexis] Fahim! You’re a good one! Look at that gorgeous bowl! I just wanna put my face in it! [Alexis mumbles with mouth full and laughs] [Alexis off-camera] Go give your wife a little
kiss. [Fahim off-camera] You were doing your thing. [laughing] [Fahim] Saucy!! Mmm good sauce! [Alexis] You’re golden. [Susan] You can’t put that in! My iron! [theme music]

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