Stump Kitchen Outtakes: Valentine’s Day!

[music] [Alexis off-camera] Did you just fart? You did fart? [laughs] [Alison] How are my breasts? [Alexis] Can you just do some cute things? [Alison] No. Yes. [Alexis belches]
[Alison laughs] [kiss]
[Alexis choking] [Alison] I was talking do it again. [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] Oh! [smacking] [Alison] How much is on me? [Alexis] It’s all gone. [chuckles]
[Alison] Is it? [kiss kiss]
[Alison singing] La baaaaaa! [Alexis laughing] [Alison] I’m gonna double dip… [Alexis] Oh god! Of course you are! And that my friends is what outtakes are made
of! [both laughing]
[Alison] Yeah. Three times! Your teeth have so much chocolate! [Alexis] Yeah your face has so much chocolate! [Alison chuckles]
[Alison] Oh it’s everywhere! [Alexis] Yeah it’s everywhere. [Alison] Oh! K, I’ll do that again without talking! [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] Did you fart? [Alison] Mm-mm. [Alexis] Okay. [Alison painfully] Mm!! [Alexis laughs] Did I bite your lip? Did I bite you? [Alison] Something happened. [Alexis laughs]
[Alison sighs] [both laugh]
[Alison] Do big waves! Bigger! [Alexis laughs]
[farting] [Alexis] Oh! So glad there’s no sound. [music]

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