Stump Kitchen UNBOXING: Vegan treats from the UK // The Crude Vegans!

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AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Hello and welcome to Stump Kitchen. It’s like
super rainy out today and super blustery. Look! You can see the water just rippling
over the street. So I thought it was the perfect day to do an unboxing from my very favourite
YouTube channel from the UK, Crude Vegans. Holy s#%t they are funny! Plus their accents
are just the f#%kin’ sweetest! They do taste tests, review different vegan foods, they
give great advice, and they swear a f#%k ton. I’ll put their channel link below so make
sure you go and check them out. So we decided to send each other s#%t. Wow! Okay let’s do
this! They put this on all the boxes. It says “enjoy mother stumper!” [laughs] Motherstumper!
F#%k this is exciting! Oh yeah. Holy s#%t! Ohhh! Gluten-free super seeded oat cakes.
These look amazing! [crunch] Huh interesting. Nutty and flaxxy and – You can like, put hummus
on this s#%t! That’s f#%kin’ rad! What’s next? Oat drink – chocolate. Oat-ly!
It says “Shake me”. Here goes nothin’! Holy f#%k! That’s like drinking milk chocolate!
How the f#%k is this vegan? You wanna send me some more of this? [laughs] Okay what do
we have next? Jeli Sweets Tropical Wonder. Oh god. Sometimes you need scissors for packaging that’s not stump friendly. Mmm! Ooh! Wow! That texture was not what I expected! These
are f#%kin’ good! Just wash that down with some Oat-ly! This looks like a sweet box of something.
“It’s not just the chocolate that loves you back, I love you too.” [laughs] Mmm! Ooh!
That’s f#%kin’ fancy. We got some Moo-free organic chocolate. Me and packages have never
been, you know, that tight. Look it got a little melted on the trip. Yeah! I like that!
Mmm! The original HP Sauce. See now, we’ve got
HP Sauce here, but it’s probably different than yours. I assume this is better cause
it’s the f#%kin’ original! What do you put this on? Fake meat? Barbecued vegetables?
Do you put it on a stump? Oh! F#%k! Ooh! Oh! Wow! Vinegary and tangy – that’s nice though
-would you put that on fries? Oh! Sour Bear Yo-yos? What the f#%k? [belches] [laughs] This is fun! Look my stump has a scarf for the blustery day! Cheers mate! Deliciously
Ella Energy Ball. Looks like a little mound of poop! Oh f#%k yeah! More of this and more
of this – together! Marmite? What the f#%k? It’s like Vegemite
maybe? I’ve had Vegemite before so… Oh my god! Mmm! That’s really f#%kin’ good! Do you
have to refrigerate this s#%t? A Brain Licker? It’s a sour candy drink. Okay! Just gonna
wash down that Marmite. [gargles] What the f#%k? It says it’s a drink but it looks like
roll-on deodorant. I wanna just like — Do I suck on it? Do I roll it on my brain? I
don’t know how it works! Oh you lick it! You f#%kin’ lick it! Mmm! Mmm! This is like f#%kin’
Christmas in May! What are you? Bottoms up! Holy s#%t! Yeah
that’s good! It’s like sweet and sour and something that would come off of a unicorn! [popping bubble wrap] Rainbow drops! It looks like popcorn but I
don’t know what it is. [indecipherable] What the f#%k is this? It kinda tastes like Corn
Pops cereal and Lucky Charms cereal. Vegetarian marshmallows! Oh yeah! I love these so much!
Yum! Okay we’re gettin’ serious now! Raw Incan
BBQ Kale Chips. Here we go. [crunch] Hmm yeah! [laughs] Yeah! This is what kale chips tastes
like. Naked Bakewell Tart. I like things that are
naked! Mmm! That’s f#%kin’ nice! Oh I love these! Dip -dip-dip-dip-dip-dip! Lick the
stick! Dip it in! Oh it kinda pops in my mouth! What are you? Toffee honeycomb! Ooh that smells
like f#%kin’ bees’ bums! [crunch] Ohh!! I wanna put that in my coffee! What are you? They’re little pings– pigs–
pigs– pigs. I’m a pig stump, pig pig pig stump. Oink oink! I almost feel bad eating
them! Oh f#%k that’s good! Dib-Dab! It’s another dabber-licker licker-dab
lick – licking– it’s a lick and dab! Holy s#%t! Yeah I f#%kin’ like that. Although it
tastes a bit like laundry detergent as well. Straight up! Coconut chips! Oh yeah! Just
straight up coconut chips! Mmm dark chocolate with clementine! Oh f#%k that smells good! Yeah! Lemon and Green Tea Om bar. Raw cocoa. Cakow.
Cacao. Cakow? Cakow. Oh that’s nice! You can taste the — it’s more bitter. Orange Coconut and Chia! 1. Remove the lid
and boil the kettle. Wait five minutes, then tuck in. Tuck in! You’re getting about 250
calories of slow-release energy to fuel you for your morning. Go get ’em, tiger! [tiger
roar] [bell dings] Hummus chips! Chili and lemon flavour. [crunch]
Yes this is so good! Look at my new hat. Parma Violets. Alright. Holy s#$t that flavour!
It’s like eating a f#%king flower! What is this? Oh! It’s not hard, it’s soft! F#%k I
like this! It’s also like a big cigar. Fish & Chips Rock — is this going to taste
like fish and chips? I guess we’ll see! No it just tastes like sugar. Cherry drops. I
hate anything that’s cherry flavoured. I love cherries the fruit, but cherry flavour is
like the worst. So I’m trying these because I f#%king love you both! Okay Jess and Lyd
this is for you! No I can’t do it! Yass! Soft mints. Oh these are like Mentos! Mmm
mmm mmm mmm! Salted dark chocolate. Oh f#%k that is good! Dairy-free Fudgey Bites — with
no udder ingredients. [laughs] Like no milk. Oh! That’s f#%kin’ rad! [belches] You folks
have good candy! Maple bacon chips! Oh sorry, they’re not chips, they’re crisps! Look at this pretty thing! Doisy and Dam — is
it chocolate? Handmade in the UK! Vegan! Gluten free! No. What the f#%k’s “g”? Look how f#%kin’
pretty that is! Ginger, chili flakes, and hemp seed. Oh yeah. Ooh that’s spicy! I got
f#%kin’ chocolate on my pants. Time to try this! Mmm! But I think it needs
some Oat-ly in it! Oh yeah! Mmm! Crude Vegans – thank you so much! That was
the f#%king best! Like I said, make sure you check out the Crude Vegans YouTube channel.
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Stump Kitchen on Patreon if you want to as well. Thanks so much for watching. We’ll see you
next time on Stump Kitchen. Bye! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Oh my stomach! Ugh! There’s so many flavours
inside me! Whoo!

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  1. FUCCCCCCK YEAAHHHHHH M8!!! Loved this shit, glad you fucked with the Oatly!! Try the marmite on toast, a thin even layer its fucking bang bang! MUCH LOVEEEE

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