Stump Kitchen with Alexis Hillyard

– [Voiceover] This is an
AMI This Week Short Cut. – [Voiceover] I’m Wade Brown for Accessible
Media in Edmonton. – Do you have your stump? Check. Ready to go. Today, whoops. Today on Stump Kitchen
we’re making waffles. I’m Alexis Hillyard, and I’m the host
of Stump Kitchen. ♪ Stump Kitchen ♪ Stump Kitchen ♪ Gluten free vegan-y ♪ Stump-tastic treats ♪ – [Voiceover] Stump Kitchen
is a Youtube cooking show which showcases Alexis who loves to cook and
only has one hand. – I’ve grown into
this part of my life where I’ve just started
to really like cooking. And I’ve had some
friends over the years who also don’t have a hand, they’re missing
one of their hands. And some of them
have had experiences where they kind of
felt like they didn’t, they weren’t able to explore
cooking in the kitchen, and didn’t feel very
confident to cook. And so I wanted to
make a cooking show about cooking with one hand, and using different techniques to say it can be
fun and accessible. – [Voiceover] And it’s
not exactly safe for work. – So, I recommend for
Stump Kitchen cooking, with the stump, wear an item of clothing that you don’t mind getting
covered in all of your (beep) (laughs) When I like get into the zone, and I’m just having fun, I think language
is so important. (beep) you pepper grinder! I think swearing is okay
given certain contexts, and I’m not, I don’t shy away
from harsh words. Who needs a spatula when
you have a (beep) stump. It smells like a
(beep) dream in here. Yeah, I love a good swear. – [Voiceover] Alexis
does not work alone. Stump Kitchen has it’s
very own camera operator. – My name is Alison
Brooks-Starks, and I film Stump Kitchen. So to film I use an iPhone, and my elbow on top of
the fridge is the tripod. We do collaborate
sometimes in between shots. Like reminding how
the recipe goes, or getting different
angles on things. When we should zoom in,
when we should zoom out. It’s really, really, really fun. It’s so, so nice to do. – Stump Kitchen tricks. Stumps are really good for
getting (beep) out of a bowl. So hold your bowl, and scrape with the stump,
scrape with the stump. Just like a spatula,
scrape with the stump. It’s so important to
have a sense of humor about having one hand, because it really
disarms people. I find it’s like, it can be really
charming, it’s welcoming, it helps people, like,
join the conversation, and automatically you’re
on the same level. ‘Cos I think when
people look different, move different, talk different, there’s like this
gross, like, fear or not being able to
approach that in our culture. It’s society still
that people don’t know how to broach the
topic sometimes. And so, if you can have
a bit of humor about it, it really helps to
break down those walls. – [Voiceover] To check out
Stump Kitchen for yourself, visit and
search Stump Kitchen. And remember, there is
some adult language, so please use discretion. For Accessible
Media in Edmonton, I’m Wade Brown. – Step one: Get a good knife, not too good, you don’t
wanna cut off a limb.

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