Stump the Spann: Alabama Town Names, Real of Fake?

Mic check, good evening hello, hey alright you ready Dixiana? No no way You’re making that up Pig Eye That’s real I want to say, it’s up either on Sand Mountain or Lookout Mountain Dead Frog Yeah, that’s got to be a place There’s got to be a good back story behind that. I would move there any day. I’m from Dead Frog, Alabama Shinbone Valley? Yes, that’s near the foot of Mount Cheaha. You know you know it’s next to the Shinbone Valley? The Shinbone Ridge. Some the best fall colors in the state are over there. The Bottle yes, that’s near Auburn in east Alabama. Crumptonia I had one of those surgically removed when I was in fifth grade. No, it’s not real never heard of it. You guys are making this stuff up. I know you guys are making this stuff up. Pumpkin Center yeah, Walker County up Highway 269 not too far from Birmingport. Coal Fire that’s in Pickens County near Ethelsville and McShan between Reform and Columbus, Mississippi Suspender-Town yes, that is real. That’s where I live It’s located right here in this room. This is Suspender-Town

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