Stump the Spann: Real or Fake Town Names Volume 3 | This is Alabama

(upbeat music) – Real, it’s near Cullman,
it’s between Cullman and Arab. (bell dings) Never heard of it, false. (buzzer sounds) Never heard of it. (buzzer sounds) Oh, Smoke Rise, it’s on a mountain. Smoke Rise is a mountaintop
community near Blount Springs, and you pass within maybe
five miles of Smoke Rise on I-65 goin’ up toward
Cullman from Birmingham. It’s real. (bell dings) Never heard it, fake. Now, I will say, (laughs)
there is the Boobie Trap on the Walker County line. (buzzer sounds) Never heard of it, fake. (bell dings) Uh-oh, that’s the first
one I’ve been stumped on. He’s makin’ this up. No, fake. (buzzer sounds) Yeah, that’s real. (bell dings) Never heard of it, fake. (buzzer sounds) It’s real, it’s up in
Jackson County, it’s real. (bell dings) (laughing) Oh, man,
Waldo, absolutely real. (bell dings) (laughs) Fake. (buzzer sounds) Fishtrap? Never heard of it, fake. (bell dings) Wow. Have to look that one up. Oh, yeah, Kansas is real. It’s on the road from Jasper to Winfield. (bell dings) Sunburn? No, fake. (buzzer sounds) Hopeful? Fake. There’s Hope Hull, South of Montgomery. (bell dings) OK. Fake. (buzzer sounds) Fake. (bell dings) Wow, okay. (laughs) Fake! (buzzer sounds) Brilliant’s a marvelous
town, it’s in Marion County. It’s real as can be. (bell dings) Bear Creek is just up the road
from Brilliant, it’s real. (bell dings) (laughing) Is he off his meds? (buzzer sounds) Ham Lake? Never heard of it, fake. (buzzer sounds) Never heard of it, fake. (bell dings) Wow, I gotta look that one up. Now, that’s the name of
a restaurant in Winfield, it’s not a real town. Fake. (bell dings) I’m not so sure I’d wanna
be the mayor of that town, it’s fake. (bell dings) Never heard of it, fake. (buzzer sounds) Fake. (buzzer sounds) Fake. (bell dings) Now, wait a minute, the
Slick Lizard’s in Nauvoo! There is a Slick Lizard, you fill your gizzard at the Slick Lizard! (bell dings) Grits? Fake. (buzzer sounds) That’s real. For sure, it’s down South Alabama. (bell dings) Fake. (bell dings) That’s not a town, it’s a barbecue joint! Fake! (buzzer sounds) That’s real, that’s a town, for sure. (bell dings) Veto? Like V-E-T-O? No, fake. (bell dings) Fake? (bell dings) I love playing, that’s a
great game, that’s awesome. (jazzy music)

3 thoughts on “Stump the Spann: Real or Fake Town Names Volume 3 | This is Alabama

  1. I have a friend who is a Chief Meterologist in Huntsville, if you are looking for more "contestants", I can see if he would be willing to do it. He is VERY well known up there.

  2. I got the first one right because I used to work in the area. I also have learned something new again from watching this channel 😂. I love it.
    I do have a question could some of these areas names of communities rather than cities and towns. Here in the County that I live in there's names like Blue Mountain, Hellwestern, Indian Ridge and they're names of communities.

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