Stump the Spann: Real or Fake Town Names Volume Two!

Aw come on man. That’s real. I love Pine
Level. It’s a great town. It’s north of Montgomery. Moon Town? No, fake. Wow?! Oh Well? Oh, that’s real baby. There used to be a steakhouse in Bug Tussle, and if you ate
the 64-ounce steak you got it free. I actually saw a guy do that one night. He
almost barfed, but the Bug Tussle steakhouse was the greatest. It’s between
Jasper and Cullman. The steak house burned down. It’s kind of sad but it was
awesome when it was open. Bellyache. . . No, fake! That’s a real Alabama town. I
want to say it’s in Jackson County. Yeah it’s real. Allgood is the southern suburb of
Oneonta, in Blount County. As you go into Oneonta from the south coming up from
Remlap and Palmerdale, you go right through Allgood. It’s real. Burnt Corn or
Burnt Squash? No, there’s no Burnt Squash. There’s a Burnt Corn. Burnt Corn is in Monroe
County. It’s near Greenville. Smackoutta? Fake! Fake. Fake. That, that’s fake. No. (laughs) I wish! I wish that was real but it’s fake.

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  1. We love James!!! When he spoke at career day years ago where I taught, so many kids were asking him for his autograph.

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