Stumped: Americans on Cricket

I love this one stumped describes the
feeling of an American trying to understand cricket. These are the people with the highest
authority in the game. And over I think is when you get enough wickets to get
the team that’s batting out. Uh, it’s just the box around the the stumps, but um, no- no idea. Jaffa – this is a kind of cake they serve
during cricket. Um. Duck is what you do when the ball is coming straight for your head. Okay, okay. Golden duck this is like the ultimate
base, I’m thinking because we had the other duck so golden duck it’s like home
base. Golden duck. Slide into golden duck. Diamond duck. It sounds like it’s probably
something good. Like there’s so many ducks. There must be first duck, second duck, third duck, third base. I would guess the “wicket” is maybe like the back or the ball or some
other tool. “Wicket” – I think there’s the three funny poles behind the catcher. “Stumped” – that’s pretty much but I know right now. “The crease”- that’s naughty. Uh, I don’t know, that’s normally sledding in the UK so
they’re sliding into home base as it were. A “gully” – the goal, a gully, a goal. I’m guessed an “all-rounder” is like the most
valued cricket player. Who’s a good batsman as well as a good ballsman, if that’s a
word. Long-ball wicket? I know this is late before wicket but I don’t really
understand that other than there’s a certain point that you’re not
allowed to step over but yeah I couldn’t draw a picture for you. This is New York accent “howzat.” “Beamer” I’m guessing that’s a big smile the batsmen gives
when he hits the ball right and it becomes a sixer. So maybe it’s them asking how did that go? but the British are very you know
they’re much more they articulate the words much better than that. Stumped. I know this. This is when One of the fielders takes the ball and throws it at the sticks – the wicket – and knocks the wicket down and gets the batter out and the batter is stumped. Okay. Five for. I would say this is when When they – if you, if there’s a cricket ball that’s being
thrown really far they’ll go shout out like “five four” kind of like be careful.
Get out of the way five four.

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  1. As an American living in the UK – plus a cricketer and a qualified Level 2 coach – let me know if you want a translator… 🙂

  2. A diamond duck? I know what a golden duck is but I've never once heard the term diamond duck in all the Cricket I've watched and I've watched A LOT.

  3. the explanation for fifer was just out of the world imagination..that lady must start writing some novels

  4. Let me see how much I know.
    LORDS: It's the name of the stadium situated in London. I guess first cricket match was played in that ground.

    OVER – each bowler have a chance to deliever six time. When a bowler deliever six time its called an over.

    BOX – I guess its a room where player sits or commentary room?

    JAFFA no idea

    SLIP Its a fielding position who stands few steps aside from wicket.

    DUCK batsman who got out without scoring any run.

    GODEN DUCK no idea but i guess its related to above statement.

    DIAMOND DUCK same. No idea.

    WICKED combine of three long stump and two small stick called bail.

    STUMPED A form of dismissal. When batsman miss a ball and outstep from the line and wicket keeper knocks the wicket by holding the ball.

    THE CREASE related with pitch. I guess.

    SLEDGING no idea.

    GULLY again its a fielding position. I don't know the exact position but it may be near mid wicket i guess.

    ALL ROUNDER A player who can do both batting and bowling.

    LBW Leg Before Wicket. A form of dismissal when batsman block the ball from wicket by their leg.

    HOWZAT? Howzzat is an appeal shout to the umpire when bowler is confident that he dismissed the batsman. Mostly appeal by bowler or wicket keeper.

    BEAMER 0 idea

    FIVE FOR never heard of it.

  5. Watch some T20 match on internet now Just go on a ground with a bat & Ball let's start cricket most fun game in the world

  6. What? No short leg, square leg, leg glance or silly point?

    Extra cover is what footballers have to do when forming a wall against a free kick close to goal, because they don't wear boxes. Cover point is one of those sheaths for an ice axe when not in use. Leg stump is the result of an amputation, whereas middle stump is a euphemism for "penis". Someone who bowls a maiden over has failed to pay the cricket club subscription on time and a bouncer is trying to do so with a dud cheque. Cow corner is a junction on the M25 and caught behind is what'll happen to you if there's a huge traffic jam there. A full toss is a reference to Boris Johnson and a long hop is his chance of ever being Prime Minister.

    I hope that's all clear now.

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