SU Baseball Regional Final

I haven’t even thought about the season with all of our focus was on this one game we’ll look back on it sometime but not today when you’re focused to go to the Big Dance this really hurts it hurts each young man it hurts each coach and we played on venues that our kids deserve to be playing on on a daily basis and I’m going to fight for our guys and they need something and they need some support I can’t tell you how proud I am of our effort to have a group of young men stick together to come back out of the loser’s bracket after losing the second game to win two on Saturday two on Sunday and to have an opportunity to move on to Appleton to be in that position Colin Morse got absolutely huge on the mound today pushing on three days’ rest and made some big plays defensively Wheaton plays extremely hard they played miss it mentality and quite frankly they out-hustled us they out-coached us but I can’t say enough great things about our team

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