Sublimated Jerseys, Team Uniforms by Rox Volleyball

Hi I’m with Rox Volleyball and today
we’re going to talk about sublimation. During the sublimation process ink is
turned into a gas and injected directly into the fabric. It creates a
long-lasting partnership between your colors and the fabric. This is going to
save you money in the long run because these jerseys are going to last longer.
Also the numbers and the embellishments, the names on the back, they’re not going
to peel, they’re not going to crack, and fall off. Why choose Rox Volleyball for
sublimation? Well there’s a couple good reasons. One, you’re going to work directly
with our art department to create your design. That means that your jerseys are
gonna be 100% customizable. Any color, any logo, any name you want is
going to go inside the fabric of that jersey. Secondly, we are proudly made in
the USA. These jerseys right here, along this wall they’re all made in our
Factory in Florida. So what’s your team uniform design going to look like? Give
us a call, we’ll get to work on it together here in the United States.

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