Summer Baseball Camp

[Sound of Baseball]>>I would like to welcome everyone to the fourth annual New-Faze Baseball Camp>>I hope all of you enjoy the day, you have a great time. And welcome to Sacramento State [Sound of Baseball]>>Its absolutely free camp. They get full instruction from the athletes; we talk to them about academics, about nutrition, about the importance of staying in school.>>We have got a lot of great guys out here Greg bond, Labelle freeman, myself. A lot of the scouts, just a lot of the people that have been around baseball for a long, long time. These kids can really grow and really learn>>It is pretty cool. All the old major league players are here to teach us some good baseball.>>I thought I could give it a try, we heard it on the radio and it sounded pretty fun.>>I just really believe that students, children should have more exercise than in their thumbs from texting [Natural sound � play it! Play it!]>>We get there right! Everybody is there; then we hop right in the square. See that? Nice! That gets us into a great athletic position so we can go right or we can go left.>>You know I was blessed thank God to make it to the major leagues, for a long time it was my dream as a little kid. When you have special events like this to be able to help these kids out to help them develop and give them whatever I can with everything I have learned throughout the years is something special for me and I like to be a part of it. [Sound- Beautiful, see that? That was awesome!]>>They teach us infield and pitching and school work, not to give up.>>We really have to give a big thanks to Sac State, we also have some great people who come out and volunteer.>>Anytime I can come out here and help these kids and make their lives a little bit easier and a little bit easier on the baseball field and become better human beings in this world; that is what it is all about�Thank God.

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