Summer Camps: Volleyball

Hey there Bulldogs! Jordan House here. Today
we’re at the Wink Arena where this year’s volleyball camp is being held with Coach Tia
Brandel-Wilhelm. Let’s drop in on the girls skills camp and take a look. We coach the girls, we teach them the basics
about the game, just expand their knowledge on really the whole game in general. This
camp specifically is an all-skills camp, so it’s from passing, to setting, to serving,
to hitting, to blocking, just kind of the whole game. I was actually a camper here for many years
before I even committed to Ferris to play volleyball, and I was being recruited by Tia
at the setter camp, so it’s kind of nice to be back here, teaching the girls exactly
what I was taught when I was younger, when I was a nugget just like them, and just kind
of the memories of being in this gym, and before I was an actual Bulldog, so it really
means a lot when I get to come back and set for the setter camp. We’re just, we’re obviously really volleyball
specific in our work during camp, but it varies a little bit if we’re working at a team
camp, then maybe we’re working a little bit more on system, and then the individual
camps we’re kind of breaking the skill down and really getting more in to the nitty-gritty
of the different skills, but we’re always trying to teach life lessons along with it,
so we’re always working on, you know, just good sportsmanship and positive attitudes,
things like that, and, you know, we’ll have campers that come for three, four, five, six
years sometimes, you know, in their career, and it’s just really neat to watch them
grow up in the sport and, you know, become better as they go. It’s really rewarding, actually. It’s
really exciting when they kind of get that lightbulb, and they actually understand what
they’re doing, and it’s cool to be a factor in that, and to be the person that made that
happen. It’s a huge benefit for our Bulldogs to
be here, coaching at the camp, because they learn so much about the game when you have
to teach it to someone else, and they get to, you know, just be role-models out there.
Not just as volleyball players, but also as leaders and people in the community.

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