Supair ALTIRANDO LITE (reversible paragliding harness review)

it’s good to be back in my office. The
Altirando Lite, from Supair! It’s feeling fairly upright comfortable
secure and simple really. The limitations on this harness: the weight shift. you’ve got
a little bit of weight shift that you can do which is quite adequate for the
more responsive gliders but you’ll definitely be kept very in a very stable
position which is cool if you’re starting and if you’re in really rough
air but if you’re wanting lots of fine control and big weight shift this might
be a bit too stable for you. it’s also a little bit of limited in your packing
space well you know storage space I’ve got a little pocket here on this side
I’ll show you there’s a little pocket in here it’s very difficult to get to
otherwise you could go to put your stuff in your jacket. I’ve strapped my
instrument on a little bit of velcro on the chest strap that works fine with
this little light Skytraxx you can also put it on the riser if you
want but that’s going to be a limitation as well. you’ve got nowhere for
instruments. you have to find a solution for that. usually if you’re doing hike
and fly you’ve only got a simple vario so it shouldn’t be a problem.
I can feel what’s going on with the air. the harness is just transmitting enough
information so that’s good it’s actually a good combination of being stable when
you roll over too much but still giving the feedback through so it reminds me a
little bit of the delight 3, although probably more stable in the cornering
than the delight 3 but I’m getting all the information that I need so that’s
fine fine for flying cross-country and for flying high performance gliders. I
can still feel what’s going on. let’s go catch some thermals! cool so I’m in the Altirando Lite, the
light reversible harness follows the Altirando which is about 3.6 kilos I
think and this is 2.8 in this size so it’s quite light but it’s actually looks
very durable I think the fabric at the back the airbag the material choice has
been very wise it’s aimed I would say at pilots that would be flying like a
low B to mid B glider it’s that kind of period where you are an intermediate pilot
you’re doing lots of flying you maybe want to travel and you want your kit to be
light and compact so you don’t have to carry too much up the hill and good for getting
on an aeroplane. it definitely reduces your volume
quite a lot when you’ve got a reversible harness but you usually do have a little
bit of a compromise to make it a reversible system that works with a bag
and a harness a little bit of comfort on the carrying and the bag structure you
usually see that in a you know reversible but they’ve done a very good
job with this the harness itself feels very comfortable there doesn’t feel like
it’s been trimmed down too much doesn’t feel lightweight when I’m flying the
position is comfortable. I’ll show you now. launch and landing fairly
easy you do have to wiggle a bit to get into it but nothing extreme just a bit
of a lift your knees up and wiggle in. landing same a little bit of an effort
to sort of tip yourself forward and out but otherwise pretty easy.
I found the flying position to be very balanced and quite comfortable quite
upright but let’s get in the air and I’ll show you a little bit more. so there I’m feeling a little bit of
pressure in my groin areas pulling but not uncomfortable and then wiggle
your bum in a little bit like that. alright so now I’m comfy it’s got a very good
position I’m fitting nicely into the harness you do have to make sure just
lift your legs a little bit in the beginning just to fill up the air bag
because your feet are kind of covering your air intakes. see it’s a very kind of I don’t know
upright comfortable upright position feel like I’m sitting in a fairly firm
chair definitely not a cushioned chair really firm and upright and it keeps you
very level you’ll see the harness, if I go to there, my leg strap, this leg
strap, is lifting my legs, going against that, so that’s as far as I can weightshift.
so you’re not going to get huge weight shift input but what it’s good for is
it’s got a seat board so you can actually you don’t need a lot of weight
shift to get the glider to know which way you want it to go so it’s got that
small range of weight shift but then when you try and lean too far it’s just
gonna hold you back. let’s not go into the bushes. Woaaaa. you can set the position while you’re flying if you want to drop
further back I would first sit up to release it and you can drop back a bit.
if you want to sit more upright pull that in there. it’s easy enough to do.
there’s no adjustment on the legs. There is an adjustment across the chest strap which
you could use here you pull that right in. strangely enough when it’s pulled in
like that feels a little bit more tippy I was expecting the opposite. the
opposite. the opposite. okay that was a thornbush test. see that’s why you’ve got
to make these things with durable fabrics because if you just make a little
mistake and you’ve got lightweight gear you then scratch open your air bag and
you got no more back protection. I would combine this harness with a more agile
glider, that would be the best match. you’re not going to be able to drive the
glider around on the harness too much. silly me I should have put my little Flybubble Brummel Covers on. if you’ve got a stirrup you’d be in this sort of
position that’s fully reclined and I think I want to be slightly up from
fully reclined. just a touch for me. There we go. cool, light and easy, durable
and stable. hey they’re! I’ve just packed away my full
kit into the Altirando Lite. absolutely no problem with the standard
weight normal sized glider, a medium glider. I didn’t have a stuff bag or anything I just folded my glider up rolled it over, put it inside and
there’s more than enough space I’ve got space for more gear so the
volume is quite adequate for normal flying and it seems pretty durable.
I like the bag I think it’s very well-made. It carries all right it’s not the
most comfortable backpack but it’s adequate it does hang a little bit down
on the back. here let me try and put the strapping on the front. there we go just
strapping straps on the side pretty good, pretty good!

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  1. Thanks a lot for your review, and for all your very nice videos in general. How would you say it compares to the Advance Progress 3 ?

  2. The first question you should always ask when testing a harness is how do your balls feel on takeoff . Thanks to Andreas and his vlog for bringing this up

  3. Hi Sir, how do you ger thèse wide angle shootings ,please let me know I'm interested into making also something like this.thanks steph

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