Supair LEAF 2 Paraglider Review

Wow I think they’ve done a fantastic job
with this LEAF 2 it is still very stable very easy to fly
but I think it’s … unreactive. it’s not unresponsive you can
turn it quite easily but it definitely levels out it definitely
doesn’t have a tight whip turn but it’s quite responsive enough I think and
I had no problem thermaling and using the lift that was there but
it only goes (rolls) a little bit you get a nice moderate turn. it doesn’t feel like
it’s too limited but it won’t go further it won’t really bank up and hook in
which means for a pilot that is just starting out or a pilot that wants a
glider that isn’t gonna demand much from them at all the LEAF 2 does it very
well without being dull and that came out in the conditions today because the
conditions were lovely to fly in, the conditions were quite active and there
was a change between wind on the hill and then light wind as you got near the
thermals I could feel everything the glider was giving me good feedback but
was very stable and wanting to level out a little bit so I think it’s actually for
the target market, the kind of pilots that it’s aimed at, spot-on. what I
was really impressed with on the leaf 2 was on the ground. I think that’s about
as perfect as you can get for a glider in the low B category for launch
handling. on the ground you can do the A’s and C’s if you want to walk it back up the hill and that was very nice it gave
me good response and good control most of my launches in the stronger
conditions I just let it go and it would come up. if the wind drops back you can
re-engage it just by leaning back and you can recover the wing without needing
to fiddle with the risers which is very useful but usually when you have that in
a wing you have a wing that comes up really quickly and that’s not the case. it’s actually quite a slow measured easy pull up and
that’s where I think they’ve really nailed it with the LEAF 2 – if you have good launch control the glider will be easy and
it will give you everything you need but if you’ve got bad launch control the
glider actually helps you quite a lot. it doesn’t jump ahead I tried to get the
glider to go ahead and it’s similar to you might remember the MENTOR 6 review that I did recently, where you can send the glider ahead? you can do the same
with the LEAF 2 – it doesn’t really want to go far but will eventually go ahead
and collapse and fall back but you can actually just re-fly it from that
position so I think it’s a kind of wing that will really help you on the launch
in a variety of conditions. it works in light stuff, it works in
strong punchy stuff, it’s easy to manage. the launch run off was fine. the stall
point is nice and deep, it’s delayed and if you go into a stall you can play and
you can keep it close to the stall point without worrying about a snap stall, it’s
very soft very forgiving. so that’s good. the asymmetrics that I did were totally
standard and one characteristic I did notice
if you do a spiral, if you put your hands up (and I was still leaning into the
spiral a little bit) the wing comes out of the spiral which is really
good for low B. I found it very stable on the speed bar.
big-ears exactly as you’d expect, very simple. you pull them in, you have to keep
holding them. if you let them go they’ll reinflate even on speed bar. I had no
problems with any of the SIV type manoeuvres you know frontals and asymmetrics, big
ears, spirals, spins … it’s all very standard. it’s got a lot of pitch
dampening. if you try and make a pitch and you make it dive, it balances out. it’s very calm doesn’t have lots of retained energy. there’s not a lot of energy to
manage. so it’s very simple. definitely I would say low B in terms of pilot demand.
very easy, accessible, I’d be quite happy to put good students from coming
out of the school, they could go straight onto the LEAF 2 — no problem it’s not
too much of a step to go up to. Bear in mind that now Supair have
got the STEP in the B range, the high B, so they can afford to make the LEAF 2
slightly more accessible and a little bit easier than the LEAF 1 and I think
that’s what they’ve done. you don’t expect a low B glider to
have much acceleration so it’s more to do with the class, the category of the
wing than the wing itself. if you’re wanting a bigger acceleration you’d need
to go up to the high B class. the LEAF 2 is not about performance on bar. the
speed bar is very stable, totally secure but locked out on the pulleys, not
incredibly fast. so it’s not a racing glider but everything else that it does
is really fantastic. I think very good job supair!

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