Supair SKYPPER 2 (Paragliding Harness Review)

so the skipper 2 is aimed at particularly
cross-country pilots, ambitious cross-country pilots who are looking to
do long technical flights and people getting into cross-country competitions.
it’s not got a great big fairing on the back like a full comp harness and it’s aimed
particularly at safety so you’ve got a big protector with lots of protection.
This is a pre-production model Supair tell me it’s pretty much the
finished thing but there might be some little details that might change when
they bring out their final version coming out soon. their emphasis is on
safety and performance, comfort, control, rather than for example lightweight and
minimalist. this is not lightweight minimalist harness although it’s much
lighter than and much less bulky than the full comp harnesses and much more
manageable than that. so this harness is I think five point
eight kilos for the medium size roughly so quite a bit heavier than what I
normally fly with. they’ve made this very easy harness: it’s very easy to get
into and move around on the ground. you don’t feel encumbered by a great big
bulk and weight whereas for example with the full comp harnesses like the Kortel
Kanibal Race 2, the Gin Genie Race 4, you kind of feel like you’re waddling about like
a big penguin on launch and with this you don’t have that at all, it’s very
easy, but it’s got a lot of the features you’d
expect to see on a full comp harness. so for example you’ve got the underseat reserve here which is designed to fit all sizes of
solo reserve. I’ve got a high adventure Beamer 3 that’s my primary reserve and
as you can see here a very nice clean reserve system the handle is very easy
to get. It is held on by a little bit of velcro there to hold it nice and tidy. I
found that really secure with nylon pins there so it’s really easy to check
your reserve. The second reserve you’ve got an optional front mount reserve and I think Supair have done this really nicely, it’s really
clean, sits in there really easily. I’ve got a Companion SQR Light 120. For a front reserve I prefer to have something a bit lighter and so that’s in there. that fits really easy I could certainly fit a bigger reserve if I wanted and the
system for attaching this is really well-thought-out. When you put it all
together it takes a little bit of getting your head around putting the
straps on but when you clip in it’s a simple clip in, like so. we received the
harness with the normal flight deck supplied: you actually get both,
surprisingly. Supair supplies you with with both so you’ve got them to use if
you want. as you can see the flight deck it just zips on so you’ve
got these zips here it’s actually pretty easy to do that, it unzips on both sides,
like so. You’ve got an extra little popper and then with the bridles that
holds it very securely. it’s quite a generous flight deck you can easily fit
two or even three instruments on this flight deck. you can put your battery
pack in there, lots of space inside and a storage pocket so you can
put your snack bars and whatever you want in the front of there. this
certainly isn’t a harness that’s lacking in space, it’s got a lot of storage as you’ll see. the harness is delivered with
a nice removable flight panel with Velcro on it, it fits perfectly and it’s
got a lip on the front to protect your instruments. you can see this harness is sort of
somewhere between the lightweight XC pod harnesses and the full comp harness. it’s
got a very stiff reinforced very supportive back that you might expect to
see on a full comp harness and these quite stiff sides and when you’re flying you
feel very supported on your back and on the sides you feel very in contact with
the harness so all in all the feeling you have when you’re in the harness is
very supported, up the sides on your back and very comfortable. and when you’re
doing things like wing overs it’s a great harness for doing that and with
the seat plate as well you feel really in contact with the harness and you stay
in contact with it as you’re doing your wing overs. something I noticed the
difference between some of the lighter pod harnesses with less support
on the back or with with a hammock style harnesses is when you do your high G
maneuvers you kind of get this feeling of like being flexed back. you don’t feel
quite as supported and you feel like you need to bring your legs in more.
otherwise you get this kind of like ooohhh in your back. with this style of harness
like the comp harnesses, you don’t, you feel very supported even when you’re
doing a high-g maneuver like a spiral dive to get down or just for fun or
… wingovers, it’s really good. With the Skypper 2 – you’ve got a bit
more feedback than you do with the Delight 3 it’s not lots of feedbacks not
like a sort of acro harness, unstable or weight shifty, it’s got a very stable
secure feeling to it but you feel what the glider is doing, you feel well informed of what’s going on but it the feeling is more
on the comfortable stable side of it rather than the sort of
wagga unstable feeling. it has a nice balanced feeling about it. it’s got a very generous storage in the
back which is great no problem at all taking everything in there even my
chunky sandals and everything in the back so it’s pretty large. your
pocket to put your little Camelback in, your drink system. We have got our
reserve attachment systems, the harness has the loops stitched in and that’s a
zip system and that runs all the way down to here, to the reserve system.
A little minor criticism that I have for the Skypper 2 which is actually similar
to the Delight 3 it’s just the way they finished off the zip it has a slight
tendency to come undone. mind you I actually haven’t touched that for a week
in Tenerife and that’s all that’s come undone. very much like
the delight 3, it’s not hazard, the reserve is never going to come out, it’s
just to the perfectionists out there that’s just slightly annoying, that’s all.
but all you have to do is run the zip down and back up.
yep that’s for chaining your monkey to. so for your monkey you just attach him
on there and then he can … yeah you don’t lose your monkey basically. so that’s the
useful feature. all right it’s not for your monkey so this is for your drogue chute
and Supair supply it you’ve got a webbing strap that runs through. They
supply it with a maillon and the O-ring to attach it to. nice thing is that you can
access it from both sides. so you can access it from that side as
well. They’ve got a pocket which they are aiming at for a satellite tracker and
perhaps another slight small criticism is that this is apparently perfect for a
Spot but apparently doesn’t quite fit a Delorme so it would be nice
Supair if you’d make it a little bit bigger! this is a radio pocket on
this side there’s another pocket on this side it’s actually more of a
horizontal pocket. I found that very good for putting a camera pole in.
Under here there’s an underseat ballast pocket. it’s not as big as you might
expect, it’s not particularly big. One part of their
literature it says three and a half liters in other parts there’s five
liters so looking at it I’d say more like the three and a half litres. It felt to
me like I probably need the large size I’m six foot or 183 centimetres it feels
like it’s really important if you’re in that in the in-between stage you
should try both sizes, the medium and large, to make sure you’ve got the right
size. so I did struggle a little bit getting in but I think that’s just
because I probably need to size up. [GREG] I’m 174 cm and I flew the same harness and I found the same thing so I think it’s actually it is a bit difficult to get in, like you want to use a little ball and bungee.
because it seems to hug your legs. yeah
when you try and get your feet in it’s not impossible but it’s difficult. I
found I had to let go and hook my hand through. yeah, the Skypper 2 – it’s interesting to work
out exactly which pilots is this harness aimed at because some
pilots will probably … from our experience of fitting lots of pilots, they
tend to either be thinking ‘oh I want the lightweight’ and they might go for
something lighter weight; or they want performance and then they go to the
comp harnesses but what we find is often the pilots who do that they go to the
lightweight and find they want something with more stability, more control and
more safety and so that’s exactly what Supair are thinking with the Skypper –
and likewise some other pilots think ‘I want the performance, I want
great control and performance’ … they’ve flown a lighter harness and found with that, especially the higher performance glider, the higher aspect ratio, there’s
too much movement and so they want more performance and then they try a full
comp harness and they’re like ‘oh my god I’ve put a truck on my back!’ so
this is exactly where this harness is, it fits in between those. it’s
both for really keen cross-country pilots who wan to fly big distances and
fly for many hours, also pilots who enjoy doing wing overs and want the control to
throw the glider about and have fun and I want the extra control but they don’t
want the full bulk. I think as well this is one of the lightest options that
you can get for having the full features like the two reserves with a very well
designed front reserve system and the under seat reserve plus the drogue chute
and you’ve got all those features so I think that’s where this harness works
really well. the Skypper 2 is ideal for cross-country
pilots who are looking for an all-in-one harness that’s got all the features and
the safety, the two reserves, an 18 centimeter back protector …
whose emphasis is on safety, control but don’t want the full bulk of a
competition harness. here I have a skipper – in a fag you’ll
be confused because it’s a gym bag for a supper harness and you’ll see inside
there’s a skywalk glider just to confuse the three of you
so my boss Greg is already having fun editing this this is the sound of me
undoing the straps crank

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