Super Cafe: Bat Phone

Man, I am so addicted to this phone. It can do anything! Anything except survive a splash of water. Exactly, it has one weakness. It’s like– Well it’s like me, but it’s a phone and it’s
made out of breakable glass which is really two weaknesses but it’s still
awesome. You should get one. I don’t need that phone. Everyone knows I have my sweet Bat Phone that
can do anything your phone can do.. except mine looks like a bat and I made it
myself. That sounds so exhausting. Why don’t you just enjoy the features someone
else designed for a change? Because I’m rich and I can afford my own network. Duh. Yea but the time it takes you build all that
stuff you could have just.. ok fine. But dude.. my phone talks to me. It can remind me to do stuff, tell me where
I’m at on the map. Serious cool. It’s like Jarvis in Iron Man. No it isn’t. Yes it is. Not even close. Yea but I don’t need a digital assistant. I have Alfred. Check it out. Alfred… Yes, sir. is it going to rain today? Ah one moment, sir. I’ll check. Is it going to rain today? There’s no rain in the forecast for today. No master Wayne, I don’t believe it’s going
to rain today. Thanks, Alfred. See, I don’t need that phone. I got my Bat Phone! It can do anything your phone can do. But, Alfred just used the same– It’s just as good.. as your phone. Alright. Do you know why?? (sigh) Because it’s a Bat Phone!! Ah there it is. Super Cafe: Bat Phone Call me Batman. From now on, I’ll call you Batman. Ok?

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