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So.. whatcha doing over there? Just posting an update. Yea… Uhhh. We need to talk about your status updates. Why? Umm, because they’re coming across a little… arrogant. Arrogant?? What do you mean? Well, let’s take a look here shall we? Pull up your profile. Here we go. Just saved the day. Just saved the day. Just got back from saving the day. Here I go to save the day. Just saved the day twice. I’m saving the day. Just saved the day tagged with Wonder Woman. Just saved the day. And you just posted something new, what does
it say? Ah, just saved the day. Yea, I just rescued these people while you
were reading that. Well, that’s my point. What?!? You’re flooding everyone’s updates with the
same message. Think you could tone it down? Tone down the earth constantly needing my
assistance? No I don’t think I can, because I’ve been at
it for a long time and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. Well, maybe you shouldn’t post your victories
online every time. Some people might take it the wrong way. Are you jealous?? No, I’m not jealous. My updates are awesome.
Check it out. Ok, well that is debatable definition of awesome.
But how is that not arrogant? Because it’s the truth. Well, so is what I post. I save the day all the time. Thats what I
do, save the day. I’m probably gonna save the day tomorrow. And I’m gonna be Batman tomorrow. Because I’m Batman. Haha! I need to tweet that real quick. I’m starting to think you started this conversation
just so you could say “Because I’m Batman.” Well I’m starting to think.. you’re on to
something. Super Cafe: Super Social Network Hey.. How come you guys won’t accept my friend
request? Uhh, we will… As soon as you make a good movie.

100 thoughts on “Super Café: Super Social Network

  1. Social Network that form Batman and Superman that they send it will make people confusing because first I am Batman and than I am Batman than is just save the day will never mind i like Bat Phone big fan of Super Café the review is very funny Because I am Batman

  2. Batman doesn't need to start a conversation just to say because I'm Batman he can say because I'm that in whenever he wants BECAUSE HE'S BATMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SM:Uhhh we will
    BM:As soon as you make a good movie

  4. i take issue with superman's definition of saving the day

    saving a few people isn't saving the day,saving the day would be preventing something that threatens the livelihood of everyone on earth (usually the earth being destroyed/conquered or homicide on all of humanity)

  5. Batman: Superman add me on Facebook


  6. Hey the only reason why batman doesn't save the day because he saves the NIGHT! coz he's a bat- they don't come out in day time.

  7. Dear How It Should Have Ended.
    These are JL spoiler questions, not big ones but something I think you should put in
    JL should have ended.

    These are JL spoiler questions
    Don't read unless you are
    How It Should Have Ended
    Or have seen the movie

    In How JL should have ended ask how Batman knows everything but lets aunt May go through a foreclosure? How was one of the members of JL was able to know what fear smelled like is it when someone poops their pants? How does SM Know who he is the statue but not know the Wonderwoman is his friend?

  8. Well im starting to think this bideo was about them saying they should make another Green Latern movie😅😅😅😅

  9. A Geico commercial we'll never see:

    Batman: I'M BATMAN
    Robin (Btw, why don't I ever see him in the café??): Why do you keep saying that Batman?
    Announcer: If you're Batman, you say you're Batman. It's what you do. If you want to save money on car insurance, you switch to Geico. It's what you do.
    Batman: I'M BATMAN

  10. Daredevil: How come you guys won't let me join the Avengers?
    Captain America: uuuuummmm, we will.
    Iron Man: As soon as you make a good movie.

  11. I'm Batman
    I'm Batman
    I'm Batman
    I'm Batman
    I'm Batman
    I'm Batman
    I'm Batman
    I'm Batman
    I'm still Batman

  12. Superman: " ok, well that's a debatable definition of awesome" even Superman internally thinks it is awesome despite it being flooding msgs too

  13. 1:40 when the 2020 Green Lantern Corps movie comes out, make Batman and Superman finally accept the friend request

  14. 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:55

  15. Batman:Knock Knock?
    Superman: who is there?
    Batman: Bec…
    Superman: bec…who??


  16. Superman: Are you jealous?
    Batman: No I'm not, my updates are awesome, check it out.
    Updates: I'M BATMAN!

  17. Superman: I'm probably gonna save the day tomorrow

    Batman: & I'm gonna be Batman tomorrow…cause I'm Batman 😂😂😂

  18. How long did it take batman to pull up that phone, if you look at the first status update that says 1 hour ago.

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