Super Drew Saves The Game of Baseball at Recess | A Stupendous Drew Pendous Superhero Story

It’s time for a brand new adventure with the Stupendous Drew Pendous and his Mighty Pen Ultimate! Today’s episode is a home run! And Drew is gonna save baseball! It was baseball season at Cool School, and Drew and his buddies were gearing up for a perfect recess outside. Let’s play some ball!!! You’re going down, Drew-fous Well this ball’s going up, up and over that fence. So we’ll see who’s going down then! NARRATOR: Uh oh. It’s getting hot down there, kids. And it’s not just those hot diggety dogs in Nikki is selling on the sidelines. Hot dogs! Hot dogs! Come getcher hot dogs! NARRATOR: Pitcher Mitch sent a rocket toward home plate, but Drew whacked it in the other direction. This had home run written all over it, kids! Take that, Pitcher Mitch! Wait a minute! That ball’s…gone? Yeah it is! That’s the way I hit ’em! No. It’s really GONE! Like it vanished from the sky!!! NARRATOR: He was right! The ball didn’t go over the fence. It totally disappeared. POOF. Like candy on Halloween! Gone! Hey! Where’s our ball?! This can’t be right. I know a home run when I see one! I’m gonna get to the bottom of this. NARRATOR: Drew used his mighty Pen Ultimate to sketch a giant, totally awesome baseball-shooting canon. If this ball doesn’t make it over the fence, something is definitely not right. NARRATOR: Then Drew made a pair of binoculars, so he could get a closer look. The balls all vanished! Snatched in the air by an ultra-speedy silver bird!!! That’s weird. I’ve heard of Angry Birds, but I’ve never heard of baseball-eating silver birds! I better catch that bird before it ruins baseball for everyone! Drew grabbed his pen ultimate and made a supersized bird trap You try flying your way out of this one, birdie! Once again, Drew sent a ball flying out of the canon. And once again, the bird came flying at lightning speed to snatch it up. But this time, he got snatched up instead! You’re a cruel little bird! It’s time to stop eating our baseballs! Cruel bird, cruel bird, cruel bird… Wait a minute! You’re not a REAL bird! It’s remote-controlled! What?? NARRATOR: Someone was trying to ruin baseball for the kids at Cool School, Who would do that? That’s it! No one messes with baseball. I’m putting an end to these shenanigans! NARRATOR: With his handy Pen Ultimate, Drew drew himself a pair of wings. Now I’ll be able to follow this fake bird right back to his owner and stop this once and for all! Drew set the bird free, and followed right behind it. It took some practice— Whoah, whoaah, whooooooah…. NARRATOR: But eventually he got the hang of it. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SUUUUPER DREW! Now off to save baseball! Drew followed the bird until it landed on the shoulder of– Batty Belinda?? The crazy old lady that lives in a sneaker just outside of Cool School? NARRATOR: That’s right! Batty Ballinda was the culprit behind the vanishing baseballs! Now, kids, you must always remember that behind every old bat lies a story of the rise to battiness… Once upon a time, little Ballinda was a student at Cool School just like Drew, and she loved baseball. She pitched bullets… …made home runs look easy as pie… …and caught every ball in her path. She was a total triple threat…UNTIL. ANNOUNCER: Bases loaded, 2 outs, bottom of the 9th. If Ballinda gets a hit her team wins the school championship! Will the Unbeatable Ballinda pull through?! Strike 1! Strike 2! Ballinda strikes out! Letting her team down. Oh, that’s gotta hurt… NARRATOR: And after that game kids, Ballinda was too embarrassed to ever play again. Instead, she got TOTALLY BATTY, built herself a sneaker shaped house just outside of the Cool School field and she started stealing all of Cool School’s baseballs! I’ll steal every last baseball. If I can’t play, they can’t either! Not so fast, Batty Ballinda! You can’t steal baseball from everyone! That’s just plain old batty. Oh yeah? Well who’s gonna stop me?! No one messes with Ballinda! But Drew sketched a giant mitt and caught all the baseballs! You can’t hide behind there forever Drew! But Drew knew exactly what he was doing! Even the battiest old bats get worn out eventually. It’s basic science! And sure enough, Batty Ballinda threw her arms up in frustration and collapsed on the ground. Why can’t you just leave me to my batty behaviors and let me steal baseballs?! You kids don’t deserve to play anyway! But don’t you understand?! Baseball’s one of the coolest parts of Cool School! You can’t just take it away…or we’ll be totally sad. Well I’VE been totally sad ever since I struck out to lose the game. I promised myself I’d get my revenge by stopping you kids from playing, too! But that’s the great part about baseball, everybody strikes out sometimes! ok, maybe not in the last inning with the game on the line… But, that’s why there’s another at bat… so you can get another chance! Well, I never got another chance. I have an idea! Batty Ballinda, come with me! Drew was up to something good! Guys, Ballinda’s on my team and she’s up! I am?? Really?? You sure Drew? What about the disappearing baseballs? Something tells me that won’t be a problem anymore. Right Ballinda? Oh, you got that right! Let’s play!!! Hey! Wait a sec! Try these. Ballinda hit a home run! Thanks a lot Drew, you’re pretty stupendous! That’s DREW-pendous to you, Batty Ballinda. And that’s UNBEATABLE Ballinda to you, kid. Now get out there and whack some balls over the fence! You got it! Drew saved the day once again. Baseball was back in action, the team was hitting hard, and Batty Ballinda was finally back on the field, where she belonged…. C’mooon. Put some force in it! This isn’t naptime! Swing like you mean it!!! NARRATOR: …but still a little batty. Moral of the story, boys and girls. Make sure to catch any baseball-stealing birds before starting a game. And always get on the good side of batty old ladies that live in sneakers. Be sure to comment on what I should draw on my next adventure! And don’t forget to subscribe! See you next time! Bye bye!

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  4. Narrator:it totally disappeared
    Me:what has
    Narrator:It's a ball
    Me: blaaaaaar
    Narrator: ball
    Narrator:never mind
    Also narrator:What's your name again kid
    Please give me a shout out

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