18 thoughts on “Super Mega Baseball 3 First Details!

  1. Wow, 1st MLB the show is now coming to Xbox.Then 2K will have nfl football coming back and now this?! What a great time to be a sports game enthusiast. ๐Ÿ˜

  2. I have a PS4 and I didnโ€™t even like the last MLB the Show game, I might be giving this game a try instead

  3. this game always reminded me of Triple Play before it became MVP. Back when the game a bit more lighthearted and announcers would do spots for fake companies on air and crack jokes. Around 1996-2001. i'm all over this game now that it has a franchise mode and is going to be on PC

  4. Two questions: will the logo editor from SMB2 make a comeback, and will there be city and state/province indicators in the team creation screen?

  5. Honestly I like this franchise. Miles ahead of RBI baseball even though SMB is more arcade-y that RBI. Now that theyโ€™re going to have a franchise mode Iโ€™m actually kinda pumped for it. That was the only feature that I wish SMB2 had, even though the season mode was fun.

  6. Only one question, I customized 16 teams in Super Mega Baseball 2, including players, leagues and all 16 logos, which took me quite long to do. Do you know if there will be an option to import that? Would be great as I won't start from the beginning again.

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