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being told as a child that you can’t play
because you can’t see, that you can’t be
part of the team because you’re blind
or partially sighted, being told that you don’t belong
on the ice with your friends, skating, and playing Canada’s
national winter game. – Blind hockey is a chance
for blind or partially sighted people to be able to
play a sport they love. – When I step onto
the ice, I’m just amazed at how I’m actually here. I’m playing the sport I
love, the best sport ever. NARRATOR: Canadian
Blind Hockey believes no child who is blind
or partially sighted should ever be benched. – It doesn’t matter
if you win or lose. It matters that you have
fun, you go out there, you play hard, you
play your best. That’s all that matters. – We all grew as a team, and
we all got better together. – We’ve been looking
actually for over a year for a place for
him to play hockey, and when we found
this team for him, it was just a lifesaver for us. NARRATOR: We rely on
sponsorships and donations in order to offer life-changing
programming across the country. ANNOUNCER: Off the half wall. Oliver cuts in, goes
to the backhand. Oh what a beauty! Oliver with a
highlight-reel goal. – I’ve actually seen it in
him, like the sort of, yay, I can skate. I can play hockey. I’m on a hockey team. And I would really like this
program to keep going for him. I mean, 12 weeks. He’s learning how
to skate, and he’s playing in a hockey tournament. ANNOUNCER: Oh what a beauty! Aidan snipes it home. NARRATOR: Our
programming has impacted the lives of over 1,000
different boys and girls who are blind or partially
sighted coast to coast. – This is a huge
opportunity, very lucky. And without it, I really
don’t know what I would do. – It would be so sad because
what if none of us could play out favourite sport, AKA hockey? NARRATOR: Please donate
or sponsor today. We need your help to get
everyone off the bench and into the game. [MUSIC SWELLS…] [MUSIC TRANSITION…] Announcer: Tune in AMI-audio’s
live coverage of the 2019 Canadian National Blind Hockey
Tournament — March 22nd to 24th. Visit — for
more details. [MUSIC FADES…]

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  1. This video is incredible because you let people in the QT know the blind people can play hockey at their dream to play hockey

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