Suresh Raina Fastest 50 in T20 International

another fine player at number three
especially in t20 Suresh Raina 101 their score inside out and take that yeah once
again in this half and he plays that shot really really well from the last
game this time towards the midwicket region he knows as a six wonderful
stroke over mid wicked just chase again good terrain out the left side that’s
gonna roll all the way for four has now got a coach that alpha he’s
almost off the cut strip where he’s finished that beautiful day beautiful
weather last ball or the default are Sunday’s the split the fielders they’re
from India last month and it was 47 48 and that looks like being another four
we’re talking a lot of numbers high numbers here we’re opening a consulate
and gone by in a few months time but slower delivery this time speaking the
man who’s up in the room fans all around malahide it’s a very fine innings this
from serious rider it is 50 20 year after century
to the team at the last moment with amber clear I to be ruled out due to a
lack of passing the yo-yo test grabbed his chance with both hands so Regina
glossy half-century that snapping at his heels and this one has been pummeled
towards the midwicket boundary and helping the umpire signaling that it’s
six number-9 of this game off cutter for Peter chase clobbered baseball style
from suresh raina of a deep midwicket that’s why it’s such a good t20 player
and he’s so dangerous because he’s got shots all around the wicked pulled us in
the gap good effort there George Doral the man at midwicket but
Peter J is expensive in their $16 for thoughts of Peter chase swiped away
lakeside suresh raina favorite area a great effort from george Dhakal
anticipating there might have been a chance of a catch unfortunately first of
all catch it or stop the boundary so it’s pulled away and finds Georges
Chakra so the pliers rug the plan was said the field was said the change of
pace has won yet again for a Kevin O’Brien his third wicket in the form

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